Components JS: Relative mode for Pots

I have a question on the relative mode for Pots. From the Pot documentation:

Pot Components support an optional relative mode as an alternative to dealing with soft takeover. To use it, set the relative property to true in the options object for the constructor. In this mode, moving the Pot will adjust the Mixxx Control relative to its current value. Holding shift and moving the Pot will not affect the Mixxx Control. This allows the user to continue adjusting the Mixxx Control after the Pot has reached the end of its physical range.

I tried this great feature (Shift + Pot move), but unfortunately I didn’t get it working. I then had a look into the code but didn’t find anything about shift in relative mode. I recently implemented the same behavior for a custom component here; I had to declare shift and unshift and consider that in the component’s input function. Now I’m asking myself if the documentation is out-of date, or if I’m missing something else :thinking:

I recall implementing that as an experiment but not liking it very much, so documenting it fell by the wayside.

Alright, I removed the related paragraph from the wiki page to match the current behavior.