Configuration for playing Vinyl tracks and/or digital tracks

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m lost and confused.

I have a Hercules DJ Console RMX, Two Technics SL-1200 Mk2 turntables, and a Macbook running Mixxx 2.4. The RMX, remember, has phono preamps and a built in digital sound-card. I should be all set for hardware.

I also have a shelf full of old Vinyl tracks that I would love to play along with the digital tracks on my lappy. When I put a record on the turntable, I have no control whatsoever as it plays through the main and cue. The faders and gain knobs all ignore it.

How should I have my Mixxx Preferences configured for this? In Sound Hardware should I have decks showing under Input Auxillary 1 and 2?

When I play files via Mixxx, I can control several of the features in Mixx with the DJ Console RMX - I’m still getting comfortable witih the layout, but life is good.

Also just to keep it interesting, I’m hoping to have a set of supported Serato control Vinyls next week to play with … so I might be using the turntable to play analog music or control digital music and I will have to be careful what goes out the mains (assuming the control records have some kind of audible signal in their grooves).

Thank you for any help you can provide.

You need to configure the phono inputs as “Vinyl Control” input channels, then enable “PASS” (vinyl passthrough). That way the deck’s EQs/Effects will be applied to the audio signal from the TT as well.

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Thanks a ton! That was exactly what I needed but I didn’t have those buttons showing in the UI. I thought I was losing my mind :crazy_face:

Now, for some reason my Hercules RMX has just quit sending audio out the master. Everything else works fine, but I fear the worst.