Conflict "LoadSelectedTrack" and "hotcue_X_position"

Executing “LoadSelectedTrack” and “hotcue_X_position” one after the other does not work.
Either the track is loaded or the hotcue is set

it does work, otherwise all Mixxx skins and hundreds of controller scripts would be broken.

I assume you want to use those controls in a script. note that loading a track takes some time, so when you fire “load_track” it unloads the curtent track first, then loads the new track. in the meantime you alrady ask for a hotcue position and that would return null.
I guess you need a one-shot timer here to “wait” before fetching the cue position. take a look at Midi Scripting · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub for examples.

but maybe there’s a simpler solution for your task.
what do you want to achieve?

in the wiki page you can also connect to controls and run commands when a control changes, for example group, track_loaded

Unfortunately there is no way around timer, I solved it that way. Is that correct with the stop timer?

hotcuetimer = engine.beginTimer(150, function() {
my function;

read about one-shot timers, and you’ll be able to answer that question yourself : )

again: what are you up to?
maybe the timer aproach is not necessary, maybe there are built-in ways to get there