Connection error while trying to broadcast

The software is giving this Connection Error every time I try to connect to the Icecast server.
Here’s the error -

With the Rocket Broadcaster app, it connects to the server fine with the same login details.

The same error is happening to me on Ubuntu 20.04 and Mixxx 2.2.4. I don’t know why I can use a different tool to connect to my broadcast. I use BUTT to broadcast with no problems and record via Mixxx built in recording.

Nevertheless, when I use BUTT, the Mixxx recording is accelerated and everything run too fast so that the voice sounds funny and the music very fast.

I don’t know why I didn’t experience the same issue when using Ubuntu 18.04 which I removed in order to reinstall my system and upgrade to 20.04

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

hola amigo, mismo problema, no puedo conectar con windows 10 a zeno radio con la version 2.2.4. de mixxx

It seems there is no solution so far. Let’s wait for the next release.