Connection issues on several laptops today

i’ve got a dj in las vegas that got the connection error this morning after successfully setting mixxx up already, he can’t get it to quit coming up so he can go LIVE.
here in washington state i’m having the same issue all of a sudden with both ofmy laptops that have had mixxx installed and working for quite awhile, but now i’m getting the same connection errors.
is anyone else experiencing this today? more important, what’s the fix for it so we can get through this and get back to broadcasting as usual?

If you didn’t change the Mixxx installations it’s unlikely this is a Mixxx issue.
Question is: what did you change with your systems? windows update maybe?
if nothing the issue is with your streaming server I suppose.


i suppose it could have possibly been a windows update that did it. it just seemed odd that it happened on three separate computers. i think i am going to uninstall then reinstall mixxx now. thanks for the input, i hope that’s it. there’s a slight possibility it could be our server, too, so i’ll check into that, thanks

Considering it started happening on multiple computers simultaneously without changing anything in Mixxx, my suspicion is that the problem is with the server.

Don’t. What for? Mixxx will be the same because there was no update since yesterday, especially none with a libshout bugfix.

i wish i would have seen your comment earlier. i just did the un and re installs, i hope that didn’t mess anything up. i’m still getting connection error dialog boxes, and i don’t know why. our server support is in the u.k. and i don’t know how soon i’ll hear back, especially with it being friday. and i’m supposed to go LIVE in 25 minutes… what a day

I don’t remember exactly what options the windows installer provides, but uninstall may also remove your library with all playlists, crates, hotcues, tags and stuff, custom controller mappings and so on.

I don’t think uninstalling on Windows removes user data.

so we’re both not sure : )
it’s been a while since I had to boot Windows…

Can confirm uninstalling doesn’t delete user data on Windows.
Always a good idea to backup though.


I have been dealing with the connection issue as well no matter what i do it wont connect i tried several different streams with no success. i been wondering in the latest mixxx do i still need to install the lame.dll files?

Nope, it’s built in now (Mixxx 2.3)