Controller LEDs using MIDI?

I’ve got my VCM-100 controller mapped nicely (working off the VCI-100 mapping, which is nearly ideal) but now I want to get the LEDs working. Vestax provide a list of MIDI messages in their user manual, and I know JS very well, but is there a ‘getting started’ guide to gluing UI state changes to sending midi messages?

I’m really not sure where to start with this…

These pages from the wiki should help you to get started to mapping LED:

Perfect, thanks. I will read and have a go…

Thx for the information, it was very useful!

I have used mixxx midi mappings from preferences, sending a led messages, for akai controller, which turns push buttons colors. I didnt need use js. It was quite easy, without reading mixxx manuals.
I think mixxx is one of most easiest application to learn, without reading too much manuals. Big Thanks for developers.

Well, I got it mostly doing what I want through the use of engine connections and callbacks. I just wanted to turn the corresponding button LEDs on/off when the UI elements changed.

Another hour should see it mapped ‘enough’ to call it done.

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