Controller mapping for AKAI MPK Mini 2

Hi All,

attached below the two files with the mapping for this nice keyboard, it attaches the pads to the Effects and the keyboard to the Samplers.

maps the upper row of pads to FX1 and the lower to FX2, tap hard to switch an effect ON/OFF (on=the pad will be solid red) and tap gently to select it (flashing red), once selected use the 8 knobs to control whatever parameter is attached to it. When switching on, the effect will be automatically selected.

it’s attached to the 64 Samplers starting from the default octave, use the Octave Up key to control the upper ones. When configured with the appropriate sample set, you can actually play the Grand Piano on top of anything playing on the Decks :smiley: Since the keyboard supports the velocity, the Sample will play louder depending on how hard the key is hit.

it has only one requirement, the Pads must be configured to be on MIDI Channel 2 to avoid conflicts, it’s very easy to setup using the AKAI Editor.

Hope it will be useful to someone, all suggestion are welcome on how to make the joystick functional in some way, I’m missing it but no idea on where to map it

AKAI-MPKmini2.midi.xml (15.5 KB)
AKAI-MPKmini2-scripts.js (5.8 KB)


I suggest for effects control. For each effect, chose which 2 parameters to control.

Good idea!

However the configuration of which one will be only in the XML or JS file, as far as I know there is no way to expose something in the Preferences window

Will do as soon as possible, thanks!