Controllers for RADIO, not party

I host an internet radio show. Since I’ve been doing an over-the-air DJ gig for 28 years (pre-Covid), I want to continue in my same format. Mixxx is pretty good, but for “radio” work it falls a little short. I’d like to use a controller so I can keep the feel of the live radio equipment I’m used to.

The really important features for me are: linear faders, play & pause buttons and (ideally) the ability to control my mic (already fed into my laptop through a Behringer UMC204HD) - just an on-off button would be enough for that.

I don’t need the distraction of fancy lights, scratching, and other party DJ trappings. I play progressive rock music and related genres.

Given the above, what controllers would meet my requirements without breaking me financially? The Novation Twitch, Akai AMX, & American Audio 10MXR all look like they would interest me, but all seem to be discontinued. I really can’t justify more than about 200 bucks, given the current economic situation. Maybe that’s too high (low?) a bar, but…

Thanks. Joe

Did you already browse ?
I bet you’ll find a simple controller there, even if discontinued there are tons of good 2nd hand controllers out there.

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Thanks for the advice. I had looked up some more current models on that site before (don’t need or want the jog dials), but hadn’t considered the list of discontinued models. I ended up buying a Novation Twitch; in a week or so I will get a chance to see how well it suits me. Now to learn how to map some buttons over to the functions I want.