Controlling buttons with mouse

I use a Wacom Intuos S creative Pen tablet but only for mouse functions. How can you control all high-low range buttons with a mouse. This is impossible to control with. A very slight moving takes a jump from the left to the right and .v.v. and it’s impossible to set it on, let’s say 8 o’clock or 1 o’clock. Is there another way?

With a mouse, you would click on the knob and then move the mouse left or right, rather than in a circle clockwise /anticlockwise or up/down. Are you able to replicate this with the tablet?

No, unfortunately not! It however sometimes reacts but with big uncontrollable jumps so this is totally not usable and user friendly.

In that case, it may be worth mapping some keyboard shortcuts to do small +/- changes to whichever knobs you are specifically looking to adjust. I don’t think there is a way (or usually a need) to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse control of the knobs.

It’s just the question whether there is a substantial need for all those buttons to get the mixing job done and get fine results without touching them…

GUI knob accept horizontal and vertical scroll events, sliders only accept those along their axis.
How do you scroll with the Wacom pen? Can you maybe adjust the scroll behaviour to be less sensitive?

Probably related (and a possible way to troubleshoot it):
If you use a virtualbox machine with linux and Mixxx, you will also have a bit of difficulty when trying to move the knobs.

I haven’t dig down to the code, but I am assuming that the problem is that the mouse does not move linearly to the new position and the offsets stored to calculate the amount of movement cause it to change too fast.