Crackling audio both at software level and at shoutcast server

im running mixxx 2.2.4 on windows 10 using a focusrite 2i2 audio interface both for the mic and to monitor playback , i tried several songs i get crackling audio when i play songs ,use the mic both listening to the player and listening via my shoutcast server , im a bit lost at this point ,any ideas? my computer is running a third gen ryzen 7 cpu , 16gb of ram a gtx 1660 super graphics card ,my tunes are on a 7200 rpm drive via a usb harddrive dock

Did you try Troubleshooting · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub ?

the aiso buffer is set at 512 at the moment

what puzzles me is cpu ram ect are not being stressed running mixxx ,the lack of resources is normally what you would associate with crackling audio ,one thing I did do is try to put asio to 1024 , same result

Try increasing the Options->Preferences->Sound Hardware->Audio Buffer to the maximum time

1024 is the maximum it allows me ,same result ,i ran latency monitor and my computer should be running at very low latency , im going to try reinstalling the driver

We aren’t looking at the same option. The choices I see for Audio buffer are in small numbers of milliseconds, lowest is 1.45ms and the highest setting is 92.9ms - anyone using a USB mic on windows probably needs to put it all the way to 92.9ms. Not sure what you are setting to 1024, that’s not an option for “Audio Buffer”… In fact under Sound Hardware there are no settings that are a simple integer.

For more info at the bottom of the Sound Hardware screen look at “system reported latency” and “buffer underflow count” - these can be used to handle underflow conditions, which I suspect is what’s happening with you.

im looking at my asio drivers for my focusrite interface ,ill look at the setting you mentioned tomorrow

No - its not a driver setting. Its a mixxx setting. see above, I pointed out exactly where to find it in mixxx under Options → Preferences

that fixed it seems to be working now ill check the server end later tonight but its working great now

i just did a two hour set it performed flawlessly

I have a problem with audio crackling from my mike. I’ve reinstalled sound card drivers and tried different mikes. The ONLY solution I’ve found is to go into Preferences, Input, and disable my mike. Then I re-enable it again and the crackling sound is gone. Weird, but it works … I gave up trying to troubleshoot it LOL

for me it was adjusting the latency in the mixxx settings that fixed it for me , im using asio drivers that came with my focusrite interface

I have 20 DJs on my station, and virtually all of them have hit this same problem. The solution is posted above, and its been a reliable solution. And DjBanana would be another one its worked for :wink: