Create beat grid manually?


First of all, big thanks to everyone involved in the development of Mixxx. I really enjoy the new features in 1.12.
My question concerns the beatgrid. When generating beatgrids, Mixxx can either assume that the tempo is constant, or create a complex grid that tries to follow changes in tempo. That later feature is great for me who likes rythmically complex music. But quite often the beat analysis of such music is way off, and sometimes it’s accurate except for small sections. Is there anyway of creating a complex beatgrid manually? Or modify an existing one? For songs with static tempo it’s as easy as changing BPM and adjusting the position of the beatgrid, if the detection was wrong. I would like the same flexibility for music with changing tempo.
And out of curiosity, where is the information about BPM and beatgrid stored for each song?

Thanks in advance!

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I would like to second this(!) It would be great to be able to set places where the beatgrid/bpm changes! For example, the song “Sirius (Intro Version)” by Armin van Buuren and Avira. In the first minute and a half of the song, it shifts from about 117.5bpm to 123bpm, and then it stays at 123bpm for the rest of the track. I would like to mix another track into this track, but this makes it difficult, as

  1. The “assume constant tempo” option being enabled wouldn’t allow for this, and
  2. With “assume constant tempo” disabled, the program tries to automatically determine when the BPM changes, which is inaccurate.

Also, take for example “Poison” by Ferry Corsten and Lovlee. During the breakdown of the track, it slows down then speeds up again, and when the beat starts up again at 4 minutes 25 seconds into the song, it’s at a different point and suddenly the beatgrid is misaligned.

I think this issue deserves more attention as it is one of the few that I have encountered while using Mixxx. Please implement a feature like this, thank you!!

We’re working on it. Undoing the old architecture is a lot of work.