Cross Fader not mapped correctly

I have a 10MXR american audio mixer. I used midi learn. The visual mapping is correct. The left channel audio is correct. The right channel audio does not work correctly. 0-3/4 position is ok then from 3/4 to full position volume reduces and is 0 at full (right) position. I can modify the code but don’t know which number to change. I am using common controller script. Can anyone advise what to do to fix the problem?
Thanks Radioman_00

Run Mixxx with the --controllerDebug option, adjust the controls that are not mapped correctly and see what signals they send, and edit those mappings.

ok it says

Debug [Controller]: “MIDI status 0xB0 (ch 1, opcode 0xB), ctrl 0x1F, val 0x7F”

when the crossfader is fully to the right.

my .midi file says

[Master] crossfader MIDI Learned from 418 messages. 0xB0 0x1F

It looks like the val bit is missing how do I add that?

That should be working. The value byte has no direct representation in the XML mapping; that’s what varies when you adjust the control. Search the XML file for a duplicate mapping for midino 0x1F. It is possible that the problem is in the hardware too. Watch the output with --controllerDebug as you move the crossfader through its full range and check that the values increase/decrease smoothly.

I found 2 more with that number

[Channel1] loop_in 0x80 0x1F and [Channel1] loop_in 0x90 0x1F

The status byte for those is different, so that’s fine.

yes numbers increase very smoothly. As I say the mimick of the crossfader is visually working 100% and it is only the right channel that doesn’t work across it’s full range. The mixer manual says the control has a range of 0-127. There must be a calculation somewhere that needs a tweak!

Weird. Are you mixing internally in software or using the hardware mixer? That is, are you using Mixxx’s master and heapdhone outputs or outputting decks 1 & 2 to the mixer?

To be clear, are you leaving the channel faders at the top?

I have 2 soundcards. The 10mxr is set to usb on both channels but the mixxx software does not work if I select asio 10mxr I am feeding both the analog inputs from another sound card (that is working in mixxx). I am using master as decks 1 and 2 don’t work for any of the soundcards deck 1 and 2 are set to nothing I am only using master. I am on windows 7 64-bit. both channel faders are up full, I’m not sure how the sound gets through to the mixer but it does. I have noticed stange things in the windows software mixer. It seems that mixxx assigns it’s output to the wrong soundcard. i.e. I select adjasio on master and when i look at the windows mixer the instance of mixxx is shown next to my other asio card which is Tascam US-200. I have added an attachment showing it. (132 KB)

I don’t know much about ASIO or Windows, but I suggest playing around with the ASIO settings to just use the 10MXR’s sound card with Mixxx.

Finally. Unplugged the Tascam soundcard and set the deck 1 output to 1-2 and deck 2 output to 3-4. The crossfader now works perfectly.

Thanks for all your help Be.

Hopefully a fix will me made in future so I can leave the other sound card plugged in.

turned pc off last night and tried to use this morning and nothing works. The windows mixer fader makes the speaker bing ok but whatever settings I try no sound comes from mixxx. The VU meters and controls work fine in mixxx but their is no instance of mixxx in the windows mixer hence no sound. I tried master only then back to deck 1 and deck 2 only.

I am using 1.12.0-beta1 (build 1.12 r5442)

Although ASIO is not working, windows wasapi is working when I set the deck 1 output to 1-2 and deck 2 output to 3-4. The main doesn’t work though even when enabled by itself.

Asio for 10mxr mixer internal soundcard now works fine. I have to remove the physical inputs to the mixer when in midi mode for things to work properly.