Looks great, will give it a try when the resizable one comes out. Anxiously awaiting. :smiley:

Good News: After some help from the IRC, and digg a LOT(!!), and after 34522 coffes… I finally realized how stuff works!.. (I was about to quit :frowning: )
Bad News: Not done… yet! (But will be very soon, in the next few says, things are running really great now… :slight_smile: )

Ok people, finally its done! 100% SVG + 100% Resizable!
(Of course I´ll dhsrp the design and add lattest features, so it could be a usefful skin) Some buttons are very compact, I had done that to get the lower resolution possible. No worries, works ok in big resolutions too… I think… So… Have fun (!!!) and post bugs, turtles, elephants, americans, flies… all kind of animals and sort of things that you may want to… :wink:
The DOWNLOAD is in the 1st post, of course! URL —> http://www.mixxx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6052

Im very old, after all this work, but there it is!.. 100% SVG + 100% Resizable + Mixxx 2 features!
The DOWNLOAD is in the 1st post! URL —> http://www.mixxx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6052
Have Fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi jorgerosa,

It looks real great, thank you for all that work.

If you like, we can discuss with the other team members to ship it with Mixxx.

So you may issue a Pull Request on GitHub.
We can review and comment it there and finally maintain it with the rest of the Mixxx code.

What do you think?

Thankyou!… for develop mixxx, that is REAL hard code work! :slight_smile:

Sure, np. I´ll pull everything that moves on GitHub, just lets hope that I could do things right…
(Many years on sourcefourge… Im oldschool… But I´ll try, of course) :unamused:

To set up a git repository on GitHub so your changes can be merged into the Mixxx git repository, start by forking the the mixxxdj/mixxx repository rather than creating a repository with just your skin. See the Using Git wiki page for some more details.

Ok, i think i got the idea. I´ll do it. thanks for the tip.

DARK METAL Skin has been updated, corrected some very small issues.
And it had issues on Ubuntu (because some missing fonts). But now everything is ok, since ALL fonts were converted to lines.
Only QT has small “breaks” in Ubuntu, nothing serious, but it makes the design a “little” more ugly in the waves… I´ll try to correct it too.

Ok, thanks all for the tips.

Dark Metal V.2.5 is ready for download (url in the first post).
Please report bugs and issues… or not… :unamused:

Dark Metal V.2.6 is ready for download (url in the first post).
Created the “Mini Player”, plus the minimum size was reduced.
Mini Player and library fits great, in even more smaller screens.
The minimum is now only: 1230x550! :slight_smile:

Hi !

Thanks a lot for this awsome skin ! I like it very much.

Here are some minor thinks :

  • The “Audio latency meter” seems to be a master vu-meter based on the volume or gain of master and has nothing to do with latency I think.
  • You should probably hide deck C/D of long waves when decks C/D are hidden and the same for deck A/B.
  • Vinyl controls are A->B->C logic wherever you click. It’s a bit disappointing when you are on “off” and you click on “hot” to show “One” being activated. would it be possible to activate the clicked button ?

Thanks again for that nice skin.


Thanks for report that issues. Some I´ve already noticed, others not. But I´ll correct them all as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

I forgot to tell you that there’s an error in the latency monitor. You’re using the Vumeter instead of the latency.

should have:

There is another bug that has happened in all versions that I’ve tried that I simply cannot pinpoint. The Right master vu does not work, at least to me.
The volumes of the decks work and the left master vu works, but the right master vu behaves in a strange way. It is as if it was updated once each 5 seconds or whenever it feels like updating.
The settings are the same in left and right, and even though i saw a difference in the .svg file, exchanging them did nothing. I even tried to change the peak parameters, with no noticeable difference.

I’ve kept investigating, and this is weird.

If I put it at x position 207 and play deck 1 it almost keeps not updating, except for a 1 pixel wide region at position 207 that updates correctly.
If I put it at x position 207 and play deck 2 it has the same behaviour than where it is now.
If I put it at x position 230 and play deck 2 it has the same behaviour than where it is now.
If I put it at x position 230 and play deck 1 it updates correctly
If I put it at x position 250 and play any of the decks, it updates correctly

So, it looks like there is some interaction when two vu-meters are next to each other.
I’ve placed them at 200, 215, 230 and 245 and this way, at least, it works. (ch1, L, R, ch2)

Thanks a lot sblaisot and JosepMa! :slight_smile:
sblaisot, what you said makes sense, and if that is an issue to you, could be for other people too. I´ll change that.
JosepMa, you helped me a lot with your reports and tips. It was in fact an graphics overlap issue, they affected the VU Meter. And since it is impossible to affect the code, just can be a graphics “refresh” issue. All is now fixed. :slight_smile:
(The version is the same, I think there is no need to change it (?)… and the link in the first post)

Good, VUs and latency working well in that version.

Just one last issue, that I commented once and you only partially fixed (maybe it is a design decision, but I better report it).

It is about the “Sync” buttons. In 2.0 they are not only push buttons, but can have a state as well. Concretely, they can enable master sync, which means that all the decks that have it enabled will automatically be synced to the same BPM.

In order for this to act as a state button, the Skin has to be configured in that way, and use the correct keyword. You are not using multi-state and you are not using the expected keyword. If that is a design decision, then ok.
Else, you should change them to this:

		<ConfigKey>[Channel<Variable name="audiochannel_b"/>],sync_enabled</ConfigKey>
		<ConfigKey>[Channel<Variable name="audiochannel_b"/>],beatsync</ConfigKey>

In 2.0 they are not only push buttons… Indeed, I hadnt noticed that yet (new features are more important than the design).
And… Its fixed!.. Thanks for report it!
Many changes were done (It´s now Dark Metal v.2.7.0) - Download Page: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6052

Hello Jorge,
Congrats for this amazing skin.
One suggestion:
-Can we change the size of the font on the library?
I try to do it but there is no change at all, and usually the other mixxx skins let to do it.
Sorry if I don’t explain myself very well, but English isn’t my mother language, my mother language is the same as your, Portuguese. :slight_smile:


Now you can, i´ve added buttons for increase and decrease fonts size, also I had to reconfigure some QT styles. All is working now. :slight_smile: