Yes, you can style all controls. See [url]https://mixxx.discourse.group/t/spartan-skin-for-mixxx-1-10-1-9/10922/1] for example.
It is an older skin, but today it works pretty much the same. There are many comments for the controls in the skin.xml, look at the [size=85][/size] inside the [size=85][/size] key.

Indeed!.. That url helped me a lot, so I´ve improved my skin a bit. Looks much more pretty now (I think). I´ve updated the 1st post urls.
Thankyou for show me the right path to fix it, jus!
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.2)

Looks ok in Mac OSX too, do you have a custom system color scheme installed on Ubuntu by any chance?

Not your fault, unfortunately there are some platform specific issues with the star rating widget: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/1278592

Style the [size=85]QPushButton [/size]class, used in the skin.xml from my first response, e.g.

QPushButton { font: 15px/17px Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; background: #061319; color: #00F4FF; margin-right:10px; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;} QPushButton:pressed { background: #00F4FF; color: #061319; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;} QPushButton::checked { background: #00F4FF; color: #061319; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;}

Thanks for all the precious help jus !!!
jus: “(…) a custom system color scheme installed (…)” - Nope. It´s UBUNTU´s default color scheme (I´ve not changed nothing there… yet!..) :wink:
But I see your point. But, probably its because I´m missing something in Qt …

EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.3)
… Now, I need looong waves for a easier beat sync, so…
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.4)

In (Gnu/Linux) UBUNTU that select bar still gets the native OS yellow color. I´ll keep on trying to fix that (There must be a way/workaround with Qt … not ?..)

You can set a custom GTKRC (!) and those colors will be used by QT to change those other colors. It’s annoying because we can’t set those colors inside the skin definition itself.

Cool! I´ll digg about that as soon I´ve time. Thanks for the tip, ywwg.

Nice work! I think you made mixxx default skin format really alive. As for Deck colors I think you use red shade for both deck. maybe your choice or reasons but that’s prety thing and can be mordified easily for ones taste.

And thanks for those psd files. Maybe I can make a one for my monitor resolution or to create a little different arrangement suitable for my machine and style. Like seems my old cpu not too happy over too many waveform running same time …smile. But again that’s my personel machine problem. :wink:

Thanks buddy for sharing your work!


Is there any way to make it smaller or edit it to a smaller size?

Just calculate the change in percent that you want to apply considering its main background (screen resolution) and your prefered resolution. Record a macro to reduce a file by that percent. Or maybe even pixel thing work like that I mean relative. Anyway, run that macro on its skin directory where all its files are kept. And it will reduce all file sizes to new relative size I suppose. Never done it that thing …I mean reduce image size but used macro facility few times and within adobe I think this could be one of the procedure.

Or there are other lengthy ways …haha like rearranging a composite psd and then do the resize and crop on composite file. But I won’t do it …smile. I left it on third layer or so. :wink:

Anyway, you don’t need to work with any psd file unless you want some typical changes not just size. For it you may just use existing skin files not psd ones. But you still wud need to update skin.xml I suppose …smile. Hope this works for you. As for myself I am currently happy with its oversize skin (just double kinda) …haha!


(Note: You might have to do little cropping with just main background file to adjust to your screen shape. i.e. W/H ratio Or maybe Dark metal guy himself provide some idea. After all he looks like a graphic man. :slight_smile:)

I wish I could use it but the resolution is way too big for me. could you make a 1440x900 size? Pweeaz?

This skin is nice! I especially like the option to change the spinning jog wheels… Excellent work! Is there a chance you’d make this a 1600x900 skin? I’d love to use it but my resolution is a bit too small. If you end up making the requested 1440x900 I’d probably use that too.


Kinda. Im working on resizing it to 1440 x 900

Heres all I’v done so far. Basically the easy part is done with.
Resized images and replaced.



This is a useable version (%20 Complete)
Heres a link to download what I have done so far.

dropbox.com/sh/ulnhesg3asls … pdlKa?dl=0


Here an update to %50 finished. Everything has been resized to 1440x900 Now I just have to reposition everything.

Link To unfinished work.(Just needs repositioned)
dropbox.com/sh/f70thcndlh55 … hbbqa?dl=0

Thank you for all the work!
Just keep in mind that Mixxx 1.12 will support re-sizable skins.

Thankyou for your awesome software! I keep loving it each day more. I cant imagine all the code lines and time behind it… I´ll try to adapt the skin to your re-sizable skins. (Anyone to do it already? Would be great!).

[size=130]Now… Here is the deal for you, guys… (everyone!)[/size]

I´ve being developing IMP - Irrlicht Music Player (Nothing similar is available, it plays music, visuals, lyrics like a karaoke, has a 3D clock, etc, etc, etc…) so you may find it quite odd at the first try… But the more you try it… then… Probably the feeling will be… the same! :laughing: ). OK, anyways, since I am far away from my little baby, I had an idea to develop this software to somehow be with her. The idea is to read books and bedtime stories, recording my voice, adding there so she could listen everyday… And like we all know, babies love lights and lots of stuff… BUT no worries works great with “Gothic Industrial Music” too!.. (Many examples are included there) :wink:

  • Today I had an idea, how about a “button” in MIXXX that could launch a new window (and maybe displayed in a 2nd monitor or a giant display) with bands, effects, etc… all is rendered in 3D in real time. I think no other DJ software has a feature like that too. (I see only send recorded videos or images only)… Well I dunno even people would like it… Anyways there would always be a close button, right?..

  • Everything there is very simple. It uses irrlicht for the 3D and Audiere for sound. Both simple libraries, both with permissive licences, both cross-platform, so would fit great with these ones. To do, would be to change that (simple) audio lib by the one you use in MIXXX… And thats all (I think).

If you guys would like the idea, the download url is this one:
DOWNLOAD --> http://sourceforge.net/projects/irrlichtmp
All files and source code is there, as “clean” as it could be… I think…

  • Before anything else… Yes! Of course you can change, edit, delete, trash it, throw it to the head of your favourite politician, etc, etc, whatever you want to do with it. All my software in sourceforge is only developed in that way. No restrictions. - Any help from me, no problem. My only issue is time, but I would help as far as I could… ONLY if devs and the comunity thinks that would be nice and worth the effort, of course. Ok… CYA!

Hello again guys, everyone is keeping doing good music?.. I hope so!!!
This may be “off-topic” but here it goes… I´ve developed a sort of “all-in-one” tool that I always bring with me, to convert between media formats.
I use it a lot (includes many many many codecs and no install is required). Its being so handy for me, specially converting audio formats (of course) and to “borrow” some music from movies… :smiling_imp: etc, etc… that I decided to share with everyone else too. I know its not that “beauty” kind of software :unamused: …but… it gets the “job done”. :wink:
Atm… runs only on [size=50]WINDOWS[/size]… Sorry!! :blush:
UEMMC Download —> sourceforge.net/projects/uemmc (It´s quite heavy has ~39Mb file size)
(Would be nice to have an media (specially for audio) converter in Mixxx, to avoid “extra” tools, no?.. I´m using the free ffmpeg libraries)

Hi jorgerosa

Thank you for your work and the link to your tool. IMHO converting files is somehow off the focus of Mixxx, especially since such tools like yours already exists.

Playing any file format is a core topic of Mixxx, but it is sometimes hard since Mixxx requires sample exact seeks.
We have already an experimental ffmpeg support in the Mixxx sources, that is AFAIK only tested with Linux. We have also a branch on GitHub that attempts to use ffmpeg as fallback codec, in case no optimized codec is available.

Do you have some spare time to check setup and test a ffmpeg build of Mixxx on windows?
(build with scons ffmpeg=1)

The Mixxx community has a leak of Windows developer, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi daschuer, I´ll check setup and test a ffmpeg build of Mixxx on windows, no problem.
Please just dont be in a rush, I´ve a very complicated business here to run. I may take a bit long… Sorry. :frowning:
(That tool was handy for me, but it sure lacks of… many many things. I usually used it to convert from many formats into .ogg files to store them in my HD, but since was a waste of using the embedded ffmpeg, I´ve been adding some features and decided to share it… a bit buggy but (almost) never crashes… and works fine… even when i have no idea how :unamused: … )

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Good work !