DDM4000 Controller Mapping

Hi Everyone, this is my first post don´t be cruel :smiley:

I´ve look about a mapping for a DDM400 and cause i didn´t find it i tried to do it myself, and that is the result:

With this mapping you can use all the 4 desk with the equalizers (also the kill buttons) the headphone button and obviously the fader
Use the sampler buttons to navigate in the Library (and take it with the mode button of every desk), . I use the CF ASSIGN Light A to show the beat of the music in every desk too.

I hope the users of the DDR4000 will enjoy it.


Nice, you also mapped pfl and quantize, and some library controls.

It would be kind if you would open a pull request on https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/ so we can include the mapping in Mixxx and other users can use it immediately (without the hazzle of having to install it manually).

Step one is already done: you made a mapping :slight_smile:
Next step would be to read through the Contributing Mappings page and learn some basic git commands, but don’t worry about that too much, we’ll be happy to assist once the PR is opened.

Nice to have: replace all those MIDI Learned from xxy messages. text with basic descriptions, like ‘EQ’ or ‘library’ or ‘faders’. That way users can easily sort the input mapping s in Preferences > Controller and change it to their liking.



I’m starting mixxx and I would like to use midi also on my ddm4000 but I don’t know anything about how to use its configuration here, could you help please.
Thanks Rodrigo

ping @TheArmitage Do you mind opening a PR on https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/pulls so other users can use your mapping easier?

@svierzoski Open Options > Preferences > Controllers
In the main page you can fin dinstructions how to install this mapping.

Thanks to @TheArmitage for the mapping. It works and contains all mappings for the 4 channels.

I want to let you know that I’m working on a component-based mapping for this mixer, containing additional features like the crossfader and sampler section. It’s not feature-complete, so I didn’t open a PR yet, but should work fine.

- Christian

@mixxx-user You can already open a draft PR. You might get early feedback instead of having to rewrite parts of the mapping after you already finished. Also, make sure to use our pre-commit hooks.

This mapping depends on PR#3342 which I created a few weeks ago. PR#3342 contains a set of generic components that are also used for the DDM4000. When I open a PR for the DDM4000 against branch 2.3 now, it would contain changes of both PRs. @hlzhs, do you nevertheless suggest opening a draft PR for the DDM4000 mapping?

Is that a completely different mapping from the one @TheArmitage posted?

Hi ronso, sorry for the late, I have made a pull request, I will try to format it as you told me when I have some time.


Hi, Christian, I don´t remember if I give use to the fader, I made this mapping rudimentary, if i have some time I´ll try to verify the fader (now the mixer are in a wardrobe) I use the sampler sesion to navigate accross the library, cause it is more useful to me.

Hi, I did this mapping from zero, using the documentation of the DDM4000 MIDI interface. I didn´t see your mapping, I supose it will be great, but mine its not based about yours.

@Be, my mapping is written from scratch and not based on the one by @TheArmitage from this thread.

My motivation was a complete mapping of all areas including exotic ones (crossfader on/off, cf curve, sampler with loop & reverse), and the use of Component JS.

I opened PR#3542 that supersedes PR#3533 (the mapping by TheArmitage). PR#341 contains the manual. Both PRs are drafts currently.