DDM4000 Controller Mapping

Hi Everyone, this is my first post don´t be cruel :smiley:

I´ve look about a mapping for a DDM400 and cause i didn´t find it i tried to do it myself, and that is the result:

With this mapping you can use all the 4 desk with the equalizers (also the kill buttons) the headphone button and obviously the fader
Use the sampler buttons to navigate in the Library (and take it with the mode button of every desk), . I use the CF ASSIGN Light A to show the beat of the music in every desk too.

I hope the users of the DDR4000 will enjoy it.


Nice, you also mapped pfl and quantize, and some library controls.

It would be kind if you would open a pull request on https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/ so we can include the mapping in Mixxx and other users can use it immediately (without the hazzle of having to install it manually).

Step one is already done: you made a mapping :slight_smile:
Next step would be to read through the Contributing Mappings page and learn some basic git commands, but don’t worry about that too much, we’ll be happy to assist once the PR is opened.

Nice to have: replace all those MIDI Learned from xxy messages. text with basic descriptions, like ‘EQ’ or ‘library’ or ‘faders’. That way users can easily sort the input mapping s in Preferences > Controller and change it to their liking.