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I use Ubuntu Studio, and I would like to be able to switch between the stable package and beta package, but they both have the same name ‘mixxx’ under different repositories. How do I install both and effectively switch between each one when launching from the Terminal? I would love to perform with this software while being able to test beta features in my spare time and report bugs to help improve the software.

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I’m on Ubuntu Studio as well. I pull latest and build my own 2.3. It’s a pretty minimal effort, honestly.

If you need it even simpler take a look at the on github

Then you’ll have the stable version from the repo /usr/bin/mixxx, and the self-built binary in the /build folder of the source tree.
Take a look at the command lne options documentation for how to use specific resource and/or settings folder for each version (as you may want to test the beta with a clean profile, or a backup profile)

Ah ok, so the best option is to install the stable release as normal for live performance, then launch the development releases from that /build folder specifically? That makes sense.
I was hoping there’s be a way to use apt to install both stable and beta builds and have them under different names, like calling the development build with mixxx-test or something like that. Is that possible too?

sure that is possible, though still some effort to modify the packaging because it’s not just renaming the binary but also all resource paths.
take a look at the links I posted. building is really easy on Linux with cmake, and updating the local beta branch and building it can be condensed to one line
(assuming you named the git mixxx remote upstream and your build folder is build like in the basic example)
git fetch upstream && git pull && cd ./build && cmake --build .

Ahhh ok, I see. Thanks so much for your help. I’m still relatively new to the GitHub workflow/process but I think I can manage it. Gotta start somewhere at least :slight_smile:

2.3 is very stable. Unless you have a reason to still be on 2.2.x you could probably get rid of it. I’ve been running 2.3 as my primary since sometime last year.

… and test main (2.4) every now and then :slight_smile:

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