Debug Stream meta data

I have seen that Mixxx sometimes does not update the Stream meta data with the current playing song mp3tag.
Is there any way to start mixxx with a specific Debugging Option to get in the logfile a message for the meta change? Then i can simply tail the log to control it…

Mixxx 2.2.4 stable running on Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS. Icecast 2, 44100, 128kbit, mp3

For the metadata Mixxx picks the song of the deck the crossfader is closest to.
Does it work in your case if you make sure crossfader is clearly at the side of the new track?
(not necessariy fully left or right but clearly off center)

Hi ronso, thank you so much for your answer.
I need to verify, because I usually don’t use the crossfader, just the Channel fader. It usually stay in the middle.
But this is a very good hint if this is the case as you describe, i got a good way to manage.
How about if I use 4 decks, the crossfader is left and i Work with both left Decks?
Br Dirk

You should check the behaviour, and if it doesn’t display the correct metadata please file a bug at

I can confirm, that the behavior is as you had describe. Thanks for your help.