Default Artwork

Most of my music has embedded cover art. There are only a very few minor exceptions where the release was only ever a white label where I don’t have cover art. I’ve been manually updating these to a picture of a white label record. Would it be a worthwhile feature request to have configurable default artwork? In the cases where there is no artwork it would be nice to have a presupplied alternative.

As of now the default blank cover is “harcoded” per skin, there’s no way yet to define a default cover via Preferences.

You could modify the skin of your choice, though. For example in LateNight, there’s a spinny/coverart template and the cover dummy image. Simply replace that image with a cover of your choice. SVG, JPG, JPEG, PNG are supported.
See for more info

For the user configurable cover please file a bug at
It’ll be marked Wishlist and we can discuss it there. Maybe someone with C++ knowledge and spare time picks that bug.