Delete/Empty the library

Once I installed Mixxx I added my entire collection (umpteen squillion tracks)of music to the library without thinking about it. I really don’t want to mix Ed Sheeran with my banging hardcore German cheddar. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find a way to delete the entire library.

I’ve tried in preferences and removed my ‘M:’ drive. I don’t want ‘hide’ tracks. Just delete the ‘M:’ as a source and have it empty my library after a rescan…turns out even if you remove your source, it’ll scan that source anyway as the tunes are still in the library.

Is there a library file somewhere I can just delete or something? I’ve looked for mixxxtrack.xml that was mentioned in a post from 2010, but had no luck finding it (Windows 10).

Never mind - found the purge button.

Need help!

I am having some library issues. I don’t know what is happening but, my entire music library is lost. I have over 12,000 songs, just over 60GB. I am running my OS and application on a small SSD and the music is on a secondary spinning drive. Is there any limitations for the library. What do i do???

On which OS are you?
Do you still see the files in a file manager?
Can you play them with other music players?