Delete/Remove Loop Markers

So sorry if this has been addressed, but I am trying to delete an unwanted loop setting on a track. Can someone tell me how?

There is no way to do this other than setting a new loop. If you’re willing to manually edit your database, it may be possible, but you also risk messing up your database.

Well then, isn’t that stupid. Every time I try to click on a new spot to start the loop, is just turns on the loop and start playing it. It’s frustrating as hell when trying to set queue points and loops. Ugh. It’s been messing up my sets for sure. >.>

That is a mapping issue for your controller then - it uses re-loop instead of set loop when pressing the button. What version of Mixxx do you use, what controller have you got exactly and what is your mapping you chose ? Did you read the controller documentation - the author of the mapping may had an intention and documented accordingly. So let us know some details and there will be help. your issue is nothing problematic to solve as far as i can tell for now.