Denon DN-SC2000 v2

Hi folks!

Some time ago a good will sent this wonderful controller to me. After a while I’ve found that an existing script [1] almost broken: FX units don’t work at all, playback control & indication weird and buggy, sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes starts sending unexpected events. Nothing surprising if keep in mind that the script was not contributed for almost 10 years, it’s completely deprecated.

So I’ve decided to rewrite it from scratch.

General notes:

  • First of all ensure that you have the latest firmware [2] installed. Sure It’s possible to do from Linux.
  • If you experiencing link level problems with try to increase latency. Instructions can be found inside the firmware archive.

Mapping is nothing special. Buttons/knobs and led indicators unambiguously corresponds the ones in the Mixxx’s UI. But I haven’t figured out:

  • What to control with “browser” and “duplicate” buttons
  • What can be shown using different indicator brightness (two different brightness levels are supported for many leds in the controller)
  • What to display using a led under “dry/wet” knob.
    Hope you will give me an advice)

The code:

Will be glad to receive any feedback! Thx

And the references:
[1] Denon SC2000 - #40 by rryan

PS: The forum’s engine said that I’m a new user so I can’t put more than 2 links in a post… OK there’s no problem to make two posts)