Denon MC 4000 with Mixxx - connecting Mic

Hi Mixxx & forum community, i recently purchased a Denon MC4000 and uploaded Mixxx (both are brilliant) - but i am having real troubles trying to connect a Mic to either Mic input 1 or 2 on the Denon

Mixxx sees the Denon - i can play music, it sees all my libraries, i can mix, hear music thro both the headphones via the Denon - and thro’ speakers connected to the computer

the Sound Hardware box with Sound API is on - “Windows DirectSound”

The Denon can also “hear” the Mic, as there is a little light next to the volume button - and the light flashes when i speak into the Mic

The Mic is brand new and works, as i have plugged it into other sound equipment to make sure that the Mic and the cable are in working order - which they are :-))

i have juggled about in Preferences and the only Inputs showing are - Primary Sound Capture Driver - and - Stereo Mix (Realtek Definition Audio) - with the 2nd box offering - Channels 1-2 - or - Channel 1 - or - Channel 2

Computer is on Windows 10

does anyone have any magic answers ? it would be very much appreciated :-)))

very many thanks, cheers, Percy

c/p from the MC4000 wiki page (which needs to be linked inside the mapping file, too):

Mic Volume: Adjust the input gain of the microphone. This adjusts the hardware microphone preamplifier, not Mixxx’s mic gain. The microphone input is not available to the computer through the MC4000’s sound card; it is mixed with the master output in hardware.

so it should be audible in the master output.