Denon Prime 4 Mapping


I’ve re-ordered a few of the tags in the Denon Prime 4.midi.xml file and added comments to each one for readability purposes. This also makes it much easier to read through the code with an editor that lets you visually fold tags (e.g. Atom).

I have also re-written the Denon-Prime-4-scripts.js file to start using the Components JS library, but I have a lot to learn before I start properly implementing Components into the mapping. More XML re-arranging is currently underway for organization + future-proof reasons, then I’ll start reading up on the Components JS documentation and having a go at mapping the more advanced Deck features.

EDIT: Denon Prime 4.midi.xml has been re-ordered and labelled in a way that makes practical sense in regards to the layout of the unit. Not every button/knob is mapped yet, but the ones that have been mapped with MIDI codes are now labelled much clearer.

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I have started to add functionality for some of the Deck buttons using Components JS. At this stage, the Play/Stop and Cue Buttons are working as expected on the left deck, but with no LED feedback. I will investigate this and add more Components buttons in the process.