Denon Prime LC6000

Hi All,

I just thought I have recently taken delivery of 2x LC6000’s and a X1850 (I will start a separate topic for that when I start on it).

If there is anyone fancying collaborating on this i am all ears…

I have just started looking into how to do the jog wheel (i have found plenty on here i think to get me in the right direction) but i am struggle at the multi map buttons (Shift + or Hotcue/loop ect) anyone fancy chipping in with some advice?


Hi Allen,
I’m working on something similar for the Prime 4, I’m very new to using Components JS and everything, and Denon’s approach to Jog Wheel MIDI messages is quite different to other controllers supported in Mixxx, Any chance you could help me with your jog wheel mapping process?
Once I figure out multi-layer mapping and shift button mapping, I’d be more than happy to help with your mapping too :slight_smile:

Hi Buddy,

I did notice your post :slight_smile:

I am still very ‘Green’ but my focus was to try get main buttons minus multi-layer mappings/shift along with Job wheel. Ill keep you posted with my progress :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ll do the same on my forum thread