Difference between MixVibes vinyl and Serato CD


When I’m mixing in party, for some kind of music (funk, R&B), I’d like to use vinyl control, but for other kind of musics (electro, house), I’d prefer use CD control. Unfortunately, my external sound card is only a 3 stereo in and 3 stereo out.
I found some RCA switches to set the source to the CD player or the turntable, but, when I set the «control» in Mixxx, I have to choose between MixVibes / Tracktor / Serato vinyl or to a Serato CD.
My question is : does the timecode on a vinyl is very different from a CD one ? What will happen if I set Mixxx to «Serato Vinyl» but send a «Serato CD» signal to Mixxx ?

Ok, I understand the best solution would be to change my soundcard but a 4 stereo input / 4 stereo output is expensive and I’m not really in mood to change my soundcard. More over, if I set Mixxx in «4 decks» mode, it really takes a lot of space on my screen, so, I’d prefer avoid this solution.

Thank you for your answers,

DJ Skimau

Is your turntable providing a line level output ?
Else, an RCA switch will not be enough, you need a phono/line switch.

About using “serato vinyl” with a CD, why wouldn’t you try it ? It’s a matter of burning a control CD, you will easily find online the WAV file to burn.

I’m personally not sure about using CD control. I understand the cool feeling of using a real vinyl, but when it comes to CD, I think that using a MIDI controller is almost the same. But that’s a matter of personal taste.

What comes to my mind also, is why not recording the control vinyl onto a CD ? That way, you get the same audio on both vinyl and CD.

Hello Jaymanu and thank you for you reply.

My turntable have a turntable level output but I’ll connect a «pre-amp» to level up the signal to a line level.
And, indeed, maybe a controller would be easier when it comes to a CD. Or, I also can burn a CD recorded from the vinyl. Excellent idea : the signal of the CD would be exactly the same than the one from the vinyl. Thank you for the tip.

I’m trying this and I’ll tell you the result.