Different output volumes w/ Numark DJ IO

Hi folks, I experience that on my Numark DJ IO, output channel 1 volume is quite lower than channel 2. I’m using 2 decks on MIxxx through the 2 channels of the DJ IO to a 2-channel ext. mixer.

HP, Win 10 64bit, well equipped
Mixxx 2.2.4
Numark Driver 2.9.64
Ext. Mixer: Numark DM1002X

Checked all cables, inputs of the ext. mixer, real and virtual volume knobs, various combinations…all ok, except channel 1 of the DJ IO. That said, referring to the manual, apparently channel 1 of the DJ IO goes to the amp system master, while channel 2 goes to the amp system monitoring. Quality-wise, both channel sound good.

Any ideas? Is the master/monitoring-thingy significant? I’ve already contacted Numark, no reply yet.

In MIXXX - Preferences - Sound Hardware, you have set the DJIO’s outputs to Deck 1 (channel 1 & 2) and to Deck 2 (channel 3 & 4) near the bottom, and NOT Master and Headphones, correct?

Thanks for your reply. I normally set Deck 1 to channel 1 (1-2) and Deck 2 to channel 2 (3-4). As i said i tried different combinations, changing the decks, cables, and inputs. Everything that comes out of channel 1 of the DJIO is in volume lower.

Up at the top, it should read “Sound API - ASIO”
“Master Output Mode - Stereo”

The bottom should read “Deck 1 - Numark USB Audio Device - Channels 1-2”
“Deck 2 - Numark USB Audio Device - Channels 3-4”

Tried it, didn’t work out, still the same. As a sidenote, I’ve noticed that with my setup, all sounds directly from Windows (like playing a song through Media Player) seem to go through channel 1, and therefore sound lower in volume.

Here are some pics that might help. The device manager pic is in german, but I think it’s the same for every Windows device manger.devicemanager


Eingang = inputs, Ausgang = output, Lautsprecher = speakers.

You seem to have everything configured correctly. Is it possible it’s not the DJIO? Maybe try a 1/8" jack to two RCA connectors, and use your laptops headphone output to directly connect to your mixer, completely bypassing the DJIO and it’s driver?

Hm, I think I would have to control everything then directly from Mixxx, since the ext. mixer gets only one input then…which wouldn’t be what I would have in mind.

But I’ve realised, that channel 1 of the DJ IO is the main audio for Windows. If I do a sound test in Windows Sounds menu, it will only fire through channel 1. Connected to channel 2, there’s nothing. But DJ-wise, channel 2 is much louder than channel 1.

So maybe, channel 1 appearing to be Windows’ “preferred” sound channel, is there something to enable/disable in Windows to have channel 1 finally fire right? I already disabled the DJ IO as the input, to no avail.

Also disabled it as output in Sounds (WDM), deactivated it as audio controller in the device manager (not as usb controller), even tried with another DJ programm. It still played, but channel one lower than channel two.

I’ve read somewhere, that some interface tend to do that, since one channel (with DJIO apparently channel one) has to take over more “internal tasks”, hence having to share more power. Channel two therefore doesn’t have those “extra tasks”, only to do output, therefore being stronger. Don’t know if that’s a real thing.

Keep the ideas flowing if there are any. I’ll probably try to reach Numark by phone. :sweat_smile:

Your correct - my suggestion was only for you further isolate the problem.

I’ve used DJIO’s with 2.9.64 and never had the problem you’ve encountered. A real stinker!

Did you also assign the two outputs to two separate decks, and then connect the two outputs to two channels of an external mixer?

Read what I wrote 6 years ago -

Good chance it’s the driver. Scroll to the bottom of that thread for a possible fix.

Should the DJIO be listed in the playback devices as “line”? Currently it’s listed as “speakers”.

So I tried a heckload of stuff…installing an older Numark driver (won’t work), deactivate the Numark WDM device, even deactivate the general audio driver alltogether. To no avail, output 2 is much louder than 1. Compared with sound I let play to via Bluetooth to a HiFi machine, output 2 seems to be the “true volumed” sound, while output 1 seems processed low.

An european service for Numark told me that the cue output (in this case output 2) can be adjusted with the software suggested in the DJIO manual. The software is Numark Cue, and I only managed to assign outputs like in Mixxx. So no real progress on that branch. I uploaded the log-file, maybe somebody sees something. But right now, I’ve the feeling it’s somehow hardcoded into the device.
mixxx.log (31.3 KB)