Disable the "press to talk" option - make it always latching

Although the hold down to talk feature is probably great for club DJs, I want to use the button just as a latching feature for music podcasts. Unfortunately, the “dwell time” for getting this to work seems to be on the order of microseconds; too many times I haven’t gotten my finger off in time & I end up talking to no one. It’s really pissing me off.

So, is there a way to disable the “hold down” feature?

There is not currently but I think it would be reasonable to have an option for this. While it is important that software makes it easy to do what you want, for live performance software I think it is even more important that software makes it hard to do what you don’t want. So if you’ve messed that up multiple times, I think the problem is Mixxx’s design, not your usage.

the latching timing is the same for all ‘powerwindow buttons’ isn’t it?
IIRC we had no complaints about this for ages (if ever)
@Joe_Gandalf Do you uave issues with similar buttons, for example the fx toggles?

That would be great! Even if the dwell time was a couple of seconds (or so), it would be much more “podcast-user-friendly”

I actually don’t use the fx toggles, etc. Not too useful for doing a music-oriented show, but I do intend to play with it a bit; you never can have too many tools!

Do you have any idea what the latch timing is?

I’ll mention that I’m using this with a Novation Itch controller, but that shouldn’t make a difference with timing.

ah okay, so it’s about the controller button?
In that case I suspect it’s broken: the contacts can be worn out so the debouncing is not working anymore = it sends two (or more) clicks when you actually pressed it only once.

I had thought of that, but I had the same problem before I got the controller. Often.

When I go to a mic segment I am concentrating on other things than just pressing the button very quickly. Nonetheless, I am very aware that the action needs to be brief.

Again, do you have any idea what the time limit is for the toggle function (before the hold-to-talk takes over)?

300ms, which is also the regular long-press timeout of other buttons.
= a regular single-click

Do you experience the issue also with the mouse / trackpad?
please also verify the behaviour for fx toggles.

Hmm, I don’t agree, given the fact that longpress works without complaints the same way for ages.
However, regarding accessibility we could either make Mixxx respect the systems’s longpress timing (potentially altered by uses) or make that timing configurable in the Mixxx preferences.

I’ve also made this mistake during live radio shows. I pressed TALK a bit too long, but thought the mic was on, then didn’t notice I had dead air for a while. Hasn’t happened with FX buttons.

How about if the MIC had a control for just ON or OFF? Or, have an option for a fader for the mic so we really see where it is set?

Interesting. both [Effec...],enabled and [Mic..],talkover are created the exact same way.

Sure, full-featured mic sections would be great. Often enough it was reported there’s a demand for a dedicated broadcast skin. Just someone has to do it ; )

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I think I notice the FX buttons more because there is audio feedback, and I’m not talking. Easier to immediately notice.

With the mic, I think some of us are turning it on and then focusing on other things… : ) Not a big thing for me, but it does take some practice to remember to always double check mic status.

I do love Mixxx, and did use FX with the mic during a show. ( I had to say something abut Bezos going to space, so I turned on reverb and echo… Bezos… In… Space!!! : ) )

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Thanks for your input. If multiple users who use this feature often are having the same problem, I think the problem is the design, not the users. What the best way to resolve the issue is, I’m not sure. I will reread this thread more closely another time.

Just a thought: a good fix might be to change the time limit to, say, 1 second. That may seem a bit extreme compared to 300 ms, but any ‘hold to talk’ DJ is going to talk for more than 1 second, and the toggle crowd (me included) is going to be fine with that limit as well. I honestly can’t think of a downside to a 1 second time - at least for this function. Anyone can to comment on this?