DiscoDOS 1.0 released - Vinyl? Digital? You spin it all?

The final 1.0 version of DiscoDOS was just released. I am sure a lot of Mixxx users are combining their digital music with Vinyl in their sets.

DiscoDOS is a command line tool that helps Vinyl DJs to organise their set-lists, find out key and BPM and search the collection. It’s based on a presonal record collection kept at discogs.com and uses musicbrainz.org and acousticbrainz.org for additional data fetching.

Download, install, read more: https://discodos.jojotodos.net

I have ideas in mind on how to integrate DiscoDOS with Mixxx, a first step approach is described here: https://discodos.jojotodos.net#roadmap.

Give it a try, tell me what you think!


I just released DiscoDOS 1.0.1. Please upgrade! https://discodos.jojotodos.net was updated and links to this version now.

In case you are interested in what’s been fixed, read the release notes: Release DiscoDOS v1.0.1 · JOJ0/discodos · GitHub

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that’s very cool! thanks for sharing

Glad you like it @le3d :slight_smile: By any chance, you installed and played around with it a little? What do you think?

Hi Jojo, no sorry - I didn’t have time yet :frowning:

I love the idea as I am playing real vinyle records in parallel to digital