DJ interaction with the crowd on Second Life

Hi there - as DJs we need to be creative in order to get some audience during these days, weeks and months. Online Radio shows still give me the feeling of doing something for someone but the lack of being interactive with the audience really sucks. So I just joined Second Life (Yes - it still exists … ) and gonna play in a virtual club on Saturday night 24:00 CET. If someone of you guys hang around in SL then join us in Hangar 2. I gonna mix and stream with my favorite DJ Software - yes - Mixxx ! C U !

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I love having audience interaction in Second Life. I DJ there four nights a week and have for years (using MIXXX of course). It is so rewarding to be able to greet people as they come into the virtual club, comment on their choice of clothing, run themed events where people dress to the theme, etc. Second Life Forever !!! BigJack Rolls

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Hehe - awesome! Where do you play typically? Maybe I come around…

I’m at Rockin’ Robin on Sunday, Doowops Forever on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Windragon on Sunday. All shows are 7 to 9 PM SL (Pacific) time. I do Oldies tunes, 50s through 70s.

I used to DJ at an Industrial/Metal club called “The Pit” in Second Life years ago. I still play a set here and there at request.

awesome guys … i’ll come around soon