DJ-Tech PocketDJduo

Hi, everyone!!!

I would like to know if anyone have a DJ-Tech PocketDJduo mappings created because I’m not really good at that. I was easily able to create the play, cue and sync, for the moment, but that’s all.


It does not seem that anyone has posted one. If you want to make it yourself, refer to the controller mapping documentation.

I know, years ago…but somebody got this controller running? I tried to learn the button & co and everything is working, except the jogwheels. Doesnt matter which funtion, even with opt in Jog wheel tik, mixxx is recognizing a fader with only two (three) steps, not a wheel.

I used Midi OX to see the data and I get e.g. for the left jogwheel:
Turn forward:
0003DD11 1 2 90 59 7F 1 F 6 Note On
0003DD21 1 2 B0 56 41 1 — Control Change
0003DDDA 1 2 90 59 00 1 F 6 Note Off

Turn backward:
0003E151 1 2 90 59 7F 1 F 6 Note On
0003E151 1 2 B0 56 3F 1 — Control Change
0003E24F 1 2 90 59 00 1 F 6 Note Off

Somebody maybe knows how to get this in the right xml?

After reading the controller how to and try around a little bit, here the solution for the
left and right jogwheel on the dj tech pocketdj duo:
channel Opcode Control Options Action
1 CC 0x54 Rot64 [whatever]
1 CC 0x56 Rot64 [whatever]

All other button/faders are easy to learn and so everything is working fine.

Hello. Thank you for the thread. I wonder if you already have a controller configuration which you can share. I just purchased this item today and I find it very nice. But I can’t understand how to setup everything.

Appreciation in advance.

Have you tried this? 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual

Oh! Yes. Thank you. Maybe I didn’t say it correctly. All my buttons are working. They do -at least- what I need. Not what they seem to be intended for, but that’s fine for me.

My concern is about the jog wheels. I have tried both what you suggest and the Jul '20 answer from Eugen. But I don’t know if is it there a problem with my Mixxx.

Some other things won’t work. Like a thread I opened in which the broadcast doesn’t work since the latest upgrade.

I have tried reinstalling everything and it does not work so far. So I don’t know if Eugen’s answer is for a different Mixxx version. I am using Mixxx 2.2.4 which (in Ubuntu 20.04) seems to be the latest version I can install.

Thank you for your help.