DJing over Zoom

I find myself needing to DJ over zoom. I need to be able to send microphone and audio out to zoom and have zoom play remote audio as well. I run Ubuntu18.04/Mixxx 2.2.3. Default driver is ALSA. ALSA is configured to disable other sound outputs. OSS is just not working (maybe not installed at the system level???). Also, I don’t want to use multiple cards, but I do have a four-channel card, on which I use channels 3-4 for pre-listen.

How do I configure the system so that a) I can hear others, they can hear my music AND me? b) while avoiding using one card for pre-listen and built-in audio for zoom? I’m worried that in this setup Mixxx or at least audio stack will crash due to issues with clock synchronization - this is why I upgraded to a four-channel interface in the first place. Any advice?

On Linux you’d need to use JACK. I don’t think Zoom works with JACK so you’d need to use the PulseAudio-to-JACK bridge.

any links for where to find what I need?

Ok, I’ve set up jack so that I can either hear system audio or mixxx (on all channels). However, just like with ALSA, mixxx still locks out system sounds when playing through jack. How do I fix that? Thanks in advance.

That’s what you need the PulseAudio-to-JACK bridge for.

I don’t know if Zoom works with Jack, but it does work with ALSA, although through a hidden setting, which can be useful for using it with Mixxx.
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