DJTech DJM101+CDJ101 mappings

this is my first attempt at a mapping for mixxx but seems to work quite well. all controls and led’s on the djm101 work as you’d expect and this is a quick rundown of the controls on the cdj101 (taken from the script file):

// pitch slider works as you’d expect
// holding down the push button works as a “shift” to activate secondary functions
// needs the cdj101 to be on midi channel 1 for deck1 and 2 for deck2
// track playing:
// * surface of jog wheel: scratch
// * edge of jog wheel: tempo bend
// * shift + edge of jog wheel: fine tempo bend
// track not playing:
// * click push button: load a track
// * surface of jog wheel: scratch thru track
// * shift + surface of jog wheel: scan through track quickly
// * edge of jog wheel: jog though track slowly
// * shift + cue: move beatgrid
// track playing or not:
// * rotate push button: navigate tracks
// * shift + rotate push button: switch between playlists
// * cue button: default cue behaviour
// * play: toggle play
// * shift + play: sync

i may tweak a few things still but it seems quite usable.

edit: new upload, better jog response (4.44 KB)


Very Good ideas. I like many things.

I fix and tweak recently a script for my Numark Mixtrack Pro, so i download now you script to see if i can took same functionalities.

thanks :wink: not many buttons on the cdj101 so had no choice but to use the push encoder as a shift too - but seems to work fine as if u want to load a track you just press it quickly anyway. limited effects options in mixxx at the moment but u can script just about anything else that u need.

btw 1.11 will have a spinback and brake effect that you can map to buttons.