Dropdown Menu Rejig

I have been using Mixxx to broadcast my radio station since 2012 and I have little to complain about with one exception. When I am using ‘Analyze’ to select music from my library to add to the playlist I will right click on the song of my choice and up comes the drop down menu. I will invariably select ‘Add to AutoDJ queue (at top)’. Above this option is ‘Add to AutoDJ queue (at bottom)’ and below it is 'Add to AutoDJ queue (replace). I am begging you, could you please consider moving the ‘replace’ option away from the ‘add at top’ option? I will spend months creating a playlist of up to 11500 songs and twice lately I have lost all that work by misclicking on the ‘replace’ option when I intended ‘add at top’. Fortunately I had saved the core playlist under ‘Playlists’ but this is a problem which could so easily be remedied via the solution I suggest.

that sounds reasonable.
IIRc that was already changed in Mixxx 2.3
You may give it a try

It doesn’t hurt to backup your library and settings:

jup, in 2.3 it looks like this