DVS Signal Quality Poor

First time using Mixxx, connect my 2 turntables and Echo Audio PCI soundcard using ASIO mode. The Signal Quality plot changes from green to red blinking those colors and the audio, using the software, cuts in and out as if the Echo Audio PCI Sample Rate is out of sync with the Mixxx. I turned up the Turntable Input Signal Boost

I used MixVibes DVS vinyl, which I believe is version 2.
I tried Traktor vinyl V2 and results persisted.

I increase the Mixxx Audio Buffer to 85.3, ASIO mode, and this plays audio but the entire tracks stutters to play…
There are only 7 Buffer setting from the Sound Preference drop down box… I would think that up to 250ms is necessary here

System Model z270-hd3 motherboard
i7-7700K CPU@4.20Ghz
16G RAM Windows 10 Pro
Echo Audio PCI

Unless this works I cannot use Mixxx for DJing.

Reported this bug.


Too bad I can’t use Mixxx at this time. Is Serato the software fully supporting turntables now, in 2019?

You surely do not want to use vinyl with such a high latency value. 20 can feel too much (when you’re used to 5), imagine 250…

Given that you use ASIO, and that you have a powerful machine, you should be able to use low latency settings, so we should solve that problem first.

You don’t specify which soundcard model do you use ( the name Echo Audio PCI, is a soundcard from the 90s), but you are interested in a soundcard that has 4 channels in and 4 channels out (at least). (channels as in individual signal, a 5.1 soundcard has 6 channels)

Indeed, first check which sample rate you have configured in ASIO and in Mixxx, since it should be the same. If the soundcard control panel doesn’t specify a sample rate, then it is expected that it uses the one that the application wants, except if it doesn’t support it.

Once you get to play Mixxx without the turntables, then we could start checking what happens to your vinyl setup.
Be aware of these things :
Ideally you would want to use a vinyl preamp (except if the vinyil player happens to have a switch to output in line mode) since it not only amplifies but also changes the frequencies.
The signal boost option is just something that can help, but it is not a complete vinyl preamp by itself.

The kind of vinyl to select in Mixxx depend on the vinyl that you have. Mixxx doesn’t not support all kinds of vinyls so you shouldn’t expect it to work with all models.

It is important that you have a stereo signal, and that you have wired left and right correctly. Mixxx will not work with a mono signal.

The manual contains some instructions when the signal is not correct mixxx.org/manual/2.2/en/chapter … leshooting

What your saying makes no sense. Did you consider that the cpu processor converts the audio in “chunks” meaning how much sample time the cpu buffers. Surely my setup is not the problem, I successfully use Serato, MixVibes, Traktor and others using DVS and never any problems. How much time your cpu buffers can be a trade off with too short or too long, resulting in audio being “dropped” this appears to be a software issue with Mixxx.

The soundcard is Echo Audio PCI, the only PCI bus soundcard from them is called the Layla3G. PCI has the lowest latency compared to usb or firewire… It has 8 INs and 8OUTs channels. Of course i checked that the sample rates match, in fact I tried the 3 settings Mixxx provides the problem persisted.

I DON’T want to use Mixxx or ANY DJ SW if turntables are not supported. If turntables don’t work its useless to me. I tried vinyl from MixVibes V2 and Tracktor V2, and problem persist. My entire setup is a STEREO setup, no problems here using Serato or Traktor or MixVibes etc etc.

Are you saying that Mixxx does not do the phono RIAA equalization curve to use at line level? Because all my other DJ software I can plug in the turntables directly into the soundcard inputs and route the out to my analog mixer and work just fine…

Then again as I think about the plots in Mixxx the Calibration of the turntables Decks should take care of levels being too low or too high etc. , but the problem still persist.

Yes, I said that Mixxx does not restore the RIAA equalization that the vinyl has.

Also, what I said makes perfect sense in regards to latency. If I want to scratch, or speedup/slowdown the vinyl by touching the vinyl, I don’t want to wait for wait for the time needed to say “hello” for the sound change.
Mixxx is perfectly capable of using low latency. I have a i7 6700 3.4Ghz and use Mixxx at 5ms ( and I could use it at 1ms, but the internals don’t work well at such low latency so jogging and similar become less predictable).
That’s why I said that you first need to find out why Mixxx doesn’t perform correctly for you on the latency side before attemting anything on the vinyl side.

So I tried Serato Official Control Vinyl, the new version… its louder I guess. Same result. Mixxx doesn’t process the DVS timecode to be of any use.

Am I the only one who noticed this. Is there a fix for this? I really like Mixxx, it appears fully customizable to my needs. Now if I can only get DVS to work. :neutral_face:

See this video youtube.com/watch?v=cKxaAkv … e=youtu.be

I tried all the different settings for the soundcard + Mixxx and same results.

After looking at videos on the web, I confirmed that vinyl DVS is used with Mixxx. Question is maybe Mixxx is only compatible with Serato CV02 aka V2 aka Scratch Live?

The vinyl I used was the latter version, 2.5 Serato NoiseMap (trademarked). This is suppose to be louder (6dB) or better/precise tracking? In the video I post, the sound level of the vinyl
input is high enough (although I mentioned the opposite on the video). It appears that Mixxx is just not processing the vinyl tone correctly.

I am still looking for vinyl that will work with Mixxx? Who is using vinyl that Mixxx is compatible with, anyone?

Today, I put Serato Control Vinyl CV02 Side A or Side B and I get the Red Color Doughnut. "It looks OK but the wrong choice of vinyl.

This shows that Mixxx doesn’t work with CV02. Now is there a 2.5 Serator Vinyl that work… This version I think is actually 2.5 aka CV02.

I can confirm that Mixxx currently cannot support DVS system. I went from an Echo Audio PCI 3G soundcard, ASIO mode to M-Audio ProFire 610. Results were better with M-Audio Profire 610 but not anywhere near usable for playback.

Any combination of Preference settings, Sound Hardware, Sample Rate and Audio Buffer you set result in dropped out audio. The longest Audio Buffer setting gave the least issues. The Audio Buffer time of 85.3ms appear to be much much too short for Audio Buffer setting! I wonder has any one really address this parameter here are just too short for Audio Buffer setting. Buffer time in Mixxx, usually we adjust a buffer size (i.e. 64 to 4096) in the soundcard and this would address the problem.

My computer is Intel i7, 4.2Ghz, 16GB RAM, NVME SSD. My computer processor does nothing while the audio is there dropping out, hiccups and stuttering.

I have to move on to other software that can work DVS, Mixxx is not there yet.

Looks like problem is just about solved.

I set my M-Audio ProFire 610 to 96kHz. Set Mixxx Perference to ASIO soundcard, 96kHz, Audio Buffer1.33ms (less time = more realtime response).

It appears that Phono level of vinyl is not enough to provide signal for Mixxx DVS. Profire 610 Ch 1&2 are mic level so can turn those channel up using knobs on the Profire 610. Ch 3&4 are line level. I put a phono preamp, Schitt Mani, at the turntable phono plug to boost the level to line level, into Ch3&4 of M-Audio Profire.

In the early days, DJ DVS software use to accept phono level directly or was at least switchable line/phono.

2nd most important, I didn’t realize how worn my MixVibes vinyl was until I use it on other DJ software. I replaced the vinyl with newer DVS vinyl and I can now play music reliably now.

I am really disappointed that Mixxx doesn’t support 24bit 192kHz audio as yet. VDJ is the only SW I found that DOES support length 24bit and bit-rate 192kHz but VDJ a has terrible awful DVS system.

24/192 Music Downloads Are Very Silly Indeed