Elgato Stream Deck Buttons

How do you assign the button on the stream deck to play the samplers? I’d love to hit the EPLOSION button when I am on air using the stream deck vice the samplers in Mixxx. Anyone achieve this?

What do you mean by “stream deck”?

Stream Deck | elgato.com

I don’t know how that device works and the manufacturer has practically no information on their website about it. If it is a MIDI or HID device, you could map it to Mixxx. Otherwise it’s not going to do anything with Mixxx.

in any case it can be configured to fire shortcuts to Windows (so it’s probably a HID device), so you could create a custom keyboard mapping for Mixxx that launches samples.

I appreciate your inputs, is there a tutorial on how to create keyboard mappings for Mixxx, I’d love to take a shot at it and maybe put together a tutorial if I get it to work.


That’s just a guess. I doubt it is a standard HID keyboard device. @DJ_Dakk Trying to make a keyboard mapping would be a waste of time if it isn’t a keyboard.

the official site mentions that the device can fire keyboard shortcuts.
It seems the config application is restricted to windows so that’ll probabyl only work there.
A HID/MIDI mapping would be cross-platform.

I’m sure some googling on my part could have gotten me to this but my issue is I rarely know where to start or if I am on the right track (see what I did there) but then the SME’s step in and off to the races we go.

Thank you guys for taking time out to look into this. Well done and very much appreciated.