Enhancements requests


I wish to ask for the following enhancements requests:

  1. To enable us to choose an object for the master output - that is one of our configured “Live Broadcasting” connections. This will also mean auto-connecting to the server of this connection. This will enable us to use Mixxx as an Internet radio station

  2. If #1 above will not be realized, so instead please add a startup/command line switch that will auto-connect to a named specified “Live Broadcasting” connection

  3. Add a startup/command line switch that will enable/run “Auto DJ” on startup

  4. Add an option to run Mixxx as a Windows service, again, it will help to use it as an Internet Radio station


So you want to super-automate Mixxx with AutoDJ?
Seems a bit overkill to use a DJ application as standalone radio.

I can only propose workarounds to get that going after user login.
re: start as a service
you can easily create a .bat to autostart Mixxx after login (for some reason I assume your on Windows…)

then there are hotkey utilities like Autohotkey to send key strokes to apps programmatically.
Enable keyboard shortcuts in Mixxx for that to work.
In your .bat you need to wait until Mixxx is started and has focus.
In Preferences > AutoDJ enable ‘Allow random track addition’

Then start Mixxx and note the key sequences necessary to start AutoDJ. This works for me:
Ctrl+F to focus the searchbar (due to a bug this needs to be the first key sequence)
Shift+F12 to start AutoDJ

Good luck!

My use case is simply broadcasting locally to my internet radio device in my home network - but you can also consider a use case where DJs will in parallel stream their work to an online station - so what regarding making broadcasting an output destination (main or secondary)? or auto-connect-broadcasting at startup?

I am at Mixxx since I did a hard search for my need and it turned out to be the most stable, professional and easy app to use, so I stick to it hoping to make it even better.

Also, it is best when the core app does it in a built-in way, not trying to stitch all sort of apps with it…

head over to https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/ and file some bugs for those features.

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Really, it does not make sense.
Mixxx cannot run without UI, and you were asking to run Mixxx even if no user is logged in.

Also, you pretend to automate starting AutoDJ, but won’t have any control of the content being played (again, you will not be in front of the PC, since your goals are to not use the UI at all).

Finally, “broadcast” does not have any reason to be an audio output, and it will not help any DJ if that was added.
If you are DJing, even if from home, you are listening to what you mix. And you can control when you broadcast from a button on the UI.

I can’t imagine how what you want wouldn’t be better done with Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP plugin, the mpd player, or completely forget about using an internet radio player and use a DLNA server and a corresponding player.

From my point of view, you want to connect two things in a cumbersome way just because that’s what you have at hand.