Export/Import Playlists

Is it possible to export my playlists from one laptop and import them to another? The new laptop is running 2.0, the old is not.

yes, you can.

You need to install Mixxx on the newer computer and also have to copy two things from the older computer to the newer one :

  1. all the songs (your library), and have to take care to have them in the same path
  2. The Mixxx user preference folder which includes the Mixxx config and your database

Regarding the second point, your Mixxx user preference folder location depends on your operating system and the version of Mixxx you use:

Linux: Usually located in $HOME/.mixxx

  • Mixxx up to 1.8: ~/.mixxx
  • Mixxx 1.9+: ~/Library/Application Support/Mixxx/


  • Mixxx up to 1.11: C:\users<login>\Local Settings/Application Data/Mixxx/
  • Mixxx 1.12+: C:\Users<login>\AppData\Local\Mixxx

If for whatever reason the path to your music folder on the new computer is different from the path on your older computer, you have to update your Mixxx library database folowwing these instructions:
mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/faq# … cue_points

some additional explanation:

Mixxx keeps a database containing a reference to all your tracks and also:

  • The crates and playlists you defined
  • All loops, cue points of your tracks
  • All information on your tracks (like metadatas, play count, etc…)

This is information you definitely don’t want to lose when changing computer.

hope this helps.


Hello, I am trying to use descriptions of sounds (rating, tags) on my second computer but I cannot find my library on the first one (to move metadata). There are no such folders as mentioned above. I have windows 10 on both and mixx are: 2.2.0 on the first one and 2.2.1 on the second. What is the standard name of the file I should look for? I have replaced 3 .dll files in mixxx folder (program files) but it does not change anything. Taking into consderation I have just lost my whole tagging last month (about thousand of sounds when my hdd crashed) I would like to avoid such events for the future and backup my work). I will be really grateful for your support.

{I am no expert}

Thank you very much for your response. The problem is I cannot find such or simmilar file, the only mixxx I have on my computer is .exe :frowning:

Hello, thank you once more for your support. I have solved the problem exactly the way you adviced. I could not find the mentioned file by win (although it should show even hidden files) but I reached it using Everything (x64). By the way it is placed in the same folder in win 8

I have been having a similar problem in trying to transfer pkaylists from one computer to another. I have followed the advice and now have my pkaylists on my new computer but they don’t locate the music. The reason is one computer is set up as my wife ad user and the other is mine. Therefore the music is held in different directories. I am using Linux and mixx 2.24. What is the easiest way around this? Would it be best just to change the user directory in the file system to the same on both computers? If so any recommendations how to do this.