Exporting midi clock from Mixxx

Hey all,

I’ve been adapting the midi for light script to try and export midi clock from mixxx with the end goal to be able to incorporate existing ableton sets and/or sync external drum machines.

Currently, I have a virtual midi bus assigned with the midi_for_light script, with enable_mtc_timecode set to true.

Ableton is receiving the midi timecode, and the playhead is moving, however it seems there is no start/stop commands sent and clips set to be launched are more or less stuck in purgatory.

From what I can tell from the midi_for_light script, it’s sending Full Frame messages, which lets the midi slave know where in time the playhead is - but doesn’t tell the slave to start/stop.

According to the MIDI time code spec, this could be accomplished by quarter frames.

Has anything like this been done before? I’ve seen old feature requests for this circa 2011, but haven’t been able to find any implementation.

Or if there’s an easier way to go about it, I’m happy to change course.