Extra pitch using decks?...

Hello, I was wondering, if your using decks and you need some extra speed (or less) can you use the pitch slider in mixxx aswell to get some more range?.. If not it would be a good thing to do in the future versions. Plus and minu 8 with technics is alright if your mixing all the same genre but rubbish if your trying to mix loads of differnt stuff.

O’ yeah, is the signal on time coded vinyl and cd’s stereo? I was thinking if its mono then you could use the left and right of one channel to hook up 2 decks…

Also it would be handy to be able to assign which keys on the computer keyboard do what in mixxx.

Thanks to however made mixxx by the way!..


  • You can change the Pitch slider range up to 90% in preferences/interface.
  • Timecode signal must be stereo to work.
  • i agree, custom keyboard shortcuts would be nice.
    But how about dumping the keyboard/mouse combo in favor of a cheap midi cotroller ( Korg Nanocontrol / Novation Nocturn …?)

Thanks for replying.
Would changing the pitch range not effect how the vinyl reacts tho, like for scratching? What i mean is, say if you are just pulling the record back and forth repeatedly, in exactly the same way, and then you change the pitch range as your doing it, would that make any difference to the sound thats coming out?

“But how about dumping the keyboard/mouse combo in favor of a cheap midi cotroller ( Korg Nanocontrol / Novation Nocturn …?)”

Im just messing around with it on a normal computer at the moment, no headphones or anything. I ideally want a laptop, and 2 decks hooked up so I can mix using a normal mixer. Im just trying to figure out exactly how it would work, I dont want to go buying loads of stuff and then realize its not going to work how i want it to…
With that set up it would be much easier to hit a couple of keys on the keyboaord to change the pitch range than having to use a mouse to go into preferences to change it. You need to be able to change the pitch range on the deck you cueing up and not have it change the pitch of the track thats already playing out, I duno if that will work tho?..

Ive notived that if you change the pitch range in the middle of a mix and the pitch shifter is not on 0 then it changes the speed, but i dont know if it would do that if i was using vinyl and decks instead of doing it al in mixxx?..

You need to be able to get some extra speed from uping the pitch range in mixxx when you need it, but then be able to change it back when you can, to get more accuracey from the smaller range… Maybe it would only work if you could change the pitch range for each deck individually?.. Im thinking if you change the pitch range of the track you cueing up it would change the speed of the track already playing out?..

Its all very confusing :open_mouth: ! lol…


So essentially, you’re asking if Mixxx can somehow scale the deck’s +/-8% pitch slider to an arbitrary range, like +/-50%, right? That is technically possible but would require some work in the vinyl control code. I don’t think there’s much interest in adding that, so you’re best off taking a look at vinylcontrol*.cpp and trying to add it yourself. (You’d essentially have a selectable input range (for which you’d have to make a vinyl control preferences pane option) to match that of your deck, and have it scale (multiply) what relative pitch it sees coming from the deck to the [Channelx] rateRange MixxxControl and set [Channelx] rate to that value. (This would have the desirable side effect of having the pitch slider move along with the physical one, though it’ll go nuts when you scratch.)

Is it clearer now Pegasus talked about hacking the vinylcontrol*.cpp :smiley:

Don`t worry about pitch range and other technical stuff. Lets go and make music, experiment a little with the given features.
If you only own one turntable/cd player , throw together with a friend and start mixing as a dj team.

Vestax turntables, which i prefer over technics for various reasons, can do +/- 50 % . Nice for some genre mashups.
But must of the time pitching about the 10% range is not practical with mixxx.
Your sound will simply go mickeymouse cause Mixxx don`t sport some fancy pitch correction / keylock.

Ever tried to do some nice transitions to blend genres? You don`t have to stay in tempo all the time.

Cheerz for the replies.

Yeah, that’s the one…
Doing that would change the amount of movement on the deck it takes to move the track, I don’t know how that would effect scratching, probably not that much thinking about it…

So what happens at the moment if you change the pitch range when you have decks hooked up? Nothing?..

I think id have to try and hack that thing, or get some decks with a wider range.
I know you can do transitions without matching the pitch, but the whole idea of going digital for me is to remove as many restrictions as possible from mixing. Mainly the restriction of the cost of records! And because records get scratched and fade, and you get bad presses etc.
I can only get passionate about mixing when I have a constant source of new tracks of all sorts of genres to mix, else it gets very boring. I’ve been mixing 16 years and have access to about 400 records, its not good enough lol!. But the lack of enough pitch range on technics is one restriction id also like to be rid of, if at all possible…

It’s boggling my mind trying to figure it out…

Say you have a track loaded into mixxx that’s 100BPM, moving the pitch slider on your technics will get a range of 92BPM - 108BPM (+/- 8% of 100). What I think I want is to be able change the original BPM of the track, in mixxx, say to 200BPM, so then I can use the pitch on my technics to get a range of 184BPM - 216BPM (+/- 8% of 200).
Do you see what I mean?..

That would be getting the job done, not by changing the pitch range in mixxx, but by changing the original pitch of the tracks… Again I expect it would have to be able to be done to each deck individually, so that if you’re changing the original BPM of a track your cueing up it wouldn’t change the pitch of the track that’s already playing out…

Does that make any sense at all?..
I’m sure it must be technically possible to do that?…

It makes sense but nothing like that is currently implemented in Mixxx. It’s definitely possible but will require some hacking in the sound engine code.

Cool, I thought it would be possible. That would definaitly be a lot better than changing the pitch range, because youd keep the accuracy of the normal deck pitch range…

I havent got a clue how to change the code tho.

So if you change the pitch range in mixxx at the moment when you have decks hooked up it dosent change anyting?..

At the mo if youve got decks hooked up the pitch shifter in mixxx dosent do anything, does it? It’d be ideal if when your using timecoded vinyl or cds that you could use the pitch shifters in mixxx to add or subtract from the original track speed… That would be sound, and very easy to use (instead of having to do anything in preference). It’d only really work if you could do it quickly and easily, hence why using the pitch shifters in mixxx would be the best bet (if they dont do anything anyway when your using timecode)…