Flash CUE Button with beat

When I use traktor, I’m able to flash the Cue button in sync with the BPM of the playing track - this helps me when syncing two tracks. Is there a scriptable or midi output mapping way to flash the Cue LED on my controller in sync with the beat?


The answer is yes, you can, but it would feel distracting that specifically the cue button flashes following the BPM.

My older controller is the DJ Console 4-Mx. I made the mapping for it.
The default mapping on Virtual DJ flashed the Sync button led following the BPM of the song.
I implemented that too, but since Mixxx 2.0 had Master sync, I disabled it by default, but it could be enabled if an user wanted to.

Since you asked for “a scriptable or midi mapping way”, I will show you the exact lines that do so on the DJ Console mapping:

Lines 323 to 325 connects the signal “beat_active” of the channel, to the javascript function “Hercules4Mx.onBeatFlash”
github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/blob/m … ts.js#L323

Lines 579 to 596 show the onBeatFlash function.
It gets the deck for which the value is changing.
It gets the value and converts to a controller value. On my controller, the value 0x00 means led off and 0x7F means led on.
It gets the number of the led. As I said above, I allowed the user to reconfigure this, so it could flash on different buttons, not only on sync button led.
Finally, it prepares the midi message to send and sends it.
github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/blob/m … ts.js#L579

You don’t need to do anything else. You could also do this only with midi mapping (map beat_active to each of the four output leds), but javascript will give you this extra flexibility.

I once implemented a flashing tap led or sync button for the VCI-300, don’t remember exactly. Maybe you find it in one of the previous versions of the mapping script. Unfortunately according to my experience that didn’t feel very precise.

The implementation is straight forward: Just connect the corresponding led on your controller to the read-only [ChannelN] beat_active control.