Found Solution to Mixxx Crashing in Presence of Jack Audio

I previously posted a question regarding the fact that Mixxx seems to be incompatible with Jack Audio (see the link below):
I am running a Windows 10 64bit machine and I think I understand why this was going on.
It is written on the official Jack Audio website that Jack does not yet fully support 64bit applications since it is still in development (see source below). This being said, it still is an option to register it as a 64bit application.
Using JACK on Windows. (n.d.). Retrieved July 28, 2020, from
What I experienced was Mixxx crashing on startup as long as Jack Audio was registered. When I would unregister it—without even needing to reboot my computer nor uninstalling Jack Audio—Mixxx would run fine, but the “Jack Router” option would obviously not be available in the I/O configuration section.
But when registering Jack as a 32bit application (as long as the 64bit version was unregistered), Mixxx would run fine, but always without displaying the Jack Router as an option for I/O.
Then I thought of replacing my Mixxx 64bit installation by a Mixxx 32bit installation.
With Mixxx 32bit installed (even with Jack Audio 64bit being registered), Mixxx would properly display the Jack Router as an option for I/O (this was only if I set the sample rate in Mixxx to 44100, though Jack’s was set to 48000). I even managed to route it with Ableton Live 10 Lite and FL Studio 20 (both running as 64bit).
If anyone is facing the same issue, there it is. It’s less stable, of course, but it works on a 64bit machine anyway. Future support for 64bit from Jack’s part will probably arrive someday but, in the meanwhile, I will be DJing with Mixxx 32bit, I guess.