Freezing when searching a song

I was using mixxx to record a Radio show for an online station as it was good to record in real time as if I was in a radio studio. However a couple of weekends ago I had a couple of times it was freezing midway through recording the show. I did go into settings to change file names and to see if it helped and download the latest 2.2.4 version however it seemed it froze every time I searched for a new track (Song) so I had to go over to a different program play it live with play it recorder that seems to work ok at the moment. I have also had to buy a mixing desk the Yamaha ag03 to use with play it live where as I was recording I’m just using rode nt usb microphone with mixxx. I was concerned if the issue with mixxx is a mixxx issue or a pc issue my desktop pc is 6 years old running windows 10 it’s a Lenovo h30 with 8gb of ram and 1tb of hard drive space.

you mean freezing like it doesn’t respond at all and even doesn’t recover if you wait?
does searching work correctly if you don’t record?

btw there’s Mixxx 2.3 (still beta, soon to be released) with plenty of bugs fixed and quite some improvments regarding UX, library and what not.

if you want to try that it’ll be good to backup your settings and library, see Testing · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

It does recover. But as I say I was using it to record a myself for a radio show for some to distribute to some radio stations that air my shows so it’s a bit frustrating in middle radio show and it freezing up. I have brought some additional equipment a mixing desk so I have more options to record and present my shows rather than using mixxx. I am also concerned it could be a pc issue as Iv been having problems recording onto audacity (not from mixxx) but from play it live.

okay, so to rule out Mixxx give 2.3 a shot ; )

could your harddisk be busy with something else? or fragmented so it’s busy with simultaneous read/write ops? (unlikely, yet it’s possible)

I have got extra ram on order to take me from 8gb tov16 but I’m in doubt that will fix it. It’s a Lenovo h30 8gb ram 1tb of hard drive originally running 8.1 but I upgraded on the free upgrade to windows 10 and from home addition to pro. Iv been advised elsewhere to change the hdd to an ssd instead which could work I guess I was also going to try a reset windows but windows won’t let me back up anything which could confirm there is something going on with windows. Something I did do was I had AMD graphics driver built in installed and I kept getting pop ups that it was out of date. I updated it and it just made my screen so bright and strange colours, so the only fix there was to just use Microsoft built in graphics driver instead and delete AMD drivers altogether but I do wonder if that could be an issue especially with mixxx. I’ll certainly give 2.3 a go although I I did download that last week and was still getting the same issue with the freezing up. But it wasn’t the beta version.

if the graphics driver was an issue you’d have more severe problems with Mixxx, but not the library search.
make a backup and please report back if 2.3 works.