Freezing window, crash, and restart


I installed Mixxx 2.2.4 instead of the 2.2.3 on my Xubuntu 20.04 to solve a problem of problem of broadcasting and a new problem appear.

When I’m launching Mixxx 2.2.4, everything seems ok. But when I’m trying to load a song in one of the deck, it display the message «loading track…» and… nothing. The application is not frozen : I still can open the preferences for example but the song is not loading.
After many click on the cross to close Mixxx, I got the message «This window seems frozen, do you want to close the application ?». I answer yes, it close Mixxx and automatically reload it and then, everything is working.

Where does this bug may come from ? Mixxx works, but only after a first crash and an auto relaunching. I restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled Mixxx but it didn’t solve the problem.

I also tried, after Mixxx is relaunched and work, to close and reopen Mixxx : the same problem appears again. It seems it need to lauch, crash, and relaunch to be ok.

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I experienced that earlier with 2.2.4
No idea what was causing it, but clearing all my sound devices and setting them again resolved the issue for me. Preferences > Sound Hardware

If that doesn’t work we’ll need to take a closer look.

Thank you for your new answer ronso.

I did what you do and, even if it don’t solve the problem, it may give some hints to solve it.

If I set all my hardware settings to «none», this bug disappear but, of course, I don’t have sound anymore.
If I click on «Restore defaults», the bug also disappear. But with the default selected output (Master -> HDA Intel HDMI:0 (hw:0,3) -> Channels 1 - 2), I still don’t get sound.
If I set to «pulse», the bug appears again but, I got sound after the crash and the auto-reload.
If I set to «default» (and I think the default is also pulse), the bug appears again.

So, does the problem the problem is related to pulse ?

Sounds a bit like

You can select the desired sound output directly, though you can’t play sounds from other apps then while Mixxx is running.

Yes, the bug is very close. But I can play sound with VLC for example while Mixxx is open. Does a copy of my log would be useful ?

Does that work for you without Mixxx crashing?

At the first start of Mixxx, no, I can’t read any other file. I launched Mixxx without trying to load any file. Then, I launched VLC while Mixxx was open to try to read a file, the time counter is counting (so it’s not frozen) but, no sound can be heard.

After Mixxx crashed and auto-restarted, yes. I can read any file in VLC while Mixxx is open and reading a file. I also tried to read the same file in VLC and in Mixxx at the same time and it works.
The problem is really at the first start of Mixxx : it can’t read any file and «lock» the sound from VLC.

Note : of course, if Mixxx is not open, I can read any file without any problem.

Do you start Mixxx from the command line or with a launcher?
The launcher by default runs pasuspender first which is supposed to give Mixxx exclusive access to configured pulse sound devices.

With the launcher in the Linux main menu.
How can I start mixxx in command line ? I will try it to see if it’s better.

PS : I modified my previous post. It may gives you additional informations.

From the command line it’s simply
mixxx (Enter) :slight_smile:

Oh, in Xubuntu the command line (terminal emulator) can be invoked with Ctrl + Shift + T

If that resolves the issues for you you can change the commands executed by the Mixxx launcher permanently:

Yes, indeed, when I launch it in command line, the bug disappear.

I’m reading the «troubleshooting» link you gave me. I’m not using jack (or it’s automatically launch and I don’t know it). Shall I modify the mixxx.desktop like wrote in the troubleshooting page ? Or does the line to modify is different ?

If it works for just backup and then change the launcher.

If you didn’t set up Jack don’t bother with it…

Perfect. It works like a charm.

Thank you very much ronso :slight_smile: