Im using Mixxx for a while and today i got from my friend this controller(read the title).

I really dont know how to connect it with Mixxx, VDJ or Traktor.

Is there a file or do i have to do all by myself?

Please help meh.

Thank you for your answer

have same issue- any help out there??

@willy You could start creating that yourself. The controller layout looks rather simple, so I guess you’ll be able to map a lot with the Midi wizard: 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual

Maybe start with simple button controls like Play, Cue and stuff. Let us know if you need help with the jog wheels, library controls or deck 3/4 switches.
You may also look at mappings of similiar controllers.
Documentation is in the 2.3 manual 17. Hardware Manuals — Mixxx User Manual
The mappings files are in the ressource folder of your installation and in the Mixxx repository mixxx/res/controllers at 2.3 · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub

Good luck!