Getting connection error dialogue box again

one of the station’s djs had mixxx set up just fine on his laptop, was able to connect without issues, and then out of nowhere started having the dialogue box pop back up saying there’s a connection error again.
his next broadcast is tomorrow morning at 11 am pacific, and we’re trying everything we know to get him back up and running, but i’m lost for answers…can anyone help him?
his name is Thomas, and you can contact him at
i hope someone can help us get this figured out… beyond frustrating.
thanks in advance.

what happened prior to


unnoticed (windows) system update maybe?
does the streaming host work for other users / same user on different machine?

so what’s happened is that a new dj got a new laptop, said he installed mixxx correctly, got it all set up, etc.
what happens everytime now when he hits enable live broadcasting is that a connection error box pops up, but its not the same dialogue box as when mixxx is first installed that gives you the option to go in and set up the lame libraries ets that are needed to broadcast. it’s just a connection error 1 box, and the only option on the box says “see more details”.
i’ve tried to un then reinstall and same thing keeps coming up. as it is now, he’s had to hold off til our station’s new season starts in another month and a half, and hopefully we can get some answers or help. i’ve not had this problem getting new djs set up before, so i’m dumbfounded as to what to do?
a step by step assistance would be helpful and appreciated.

yeah, we go through out of the u.k., and the other djs (myself included) don’t have any problems getting on LIVE