Has anyone done a Roland DJ-707M Mapping?

I’m looking to map my Roland DJ-707M so I can get it to run on a raspberry pi. Please share with me if you have already created mappings for 707M. If not, I shall look to upload my mappings here in the upcoming weeks.

There is a mapping for the Roland DJ 505. If you’re lucky, it will mostly work with 707 too. If so, it would be better to modify that than start from scratch.

Hi! Any advance mapping this controller? I’ve just got a new one and tried with DJ 505 mapping, many things work out of the box (mostly mixer, hotcue, jogs, vumeters…) there are things need to be reworked (slicer, file browsing…) but 505 seems a very good starting point, will need minor fixes I think. If there is any 707M mapping in preparation around there just rise your hand. I will try to tweak 505 a bit and submit a PR so any question/information will be welcome. Thanks!

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That would be great, thanks! The Roland DJ 505 mapping has been thoroughly reviewed so reviewing your changes should be relatively easy compared to reviewing a whole new mapping.