Have song play as soon as it's loaded

When using an external mixer with a song playing in one of the Decks, another one of the Decks is used for Previewing songs. It would help speed things up (when scrolling through a number of choices looking for the best next song) if the song would start playing immediately when loaded into an already playing deck.

Is there a setting in Preferences that does this?

If your mixer has 3 or 4 decks you can use one of those for the headphone channel, then scroll the library and use the Preview button. That loads and plays the selected track instantly on the headphones.

Depending on how you control Mixxx you could also adjust your controller or keyboard mapping to use 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual

My mixer is only two decks. A 3 or 4 deck mixer would require a 6 or 8 channel sound card (assuming stereo) - an even rarer commodity.

Serato, Traktor, and even Mixvibes Cross DJ will do what I described, thus my question.

so how do you control Mixxx?

Mouse and keyboard.

I understand about the keyboard mappings, but I also often drag’n drop from the library with a mouse.
Why? Because I’m one of those old geezers that’s been using a mouse since the flood, and I have a belt buckle that says “You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands”. :grinning:

I presume that means that there’s no headphone channel on the external mixer to which you can output the Preview Deck, which is pretty much what you’re asking for?

Yes, that’s correct. However, even with hardware that has a dedicated Preview function, a “Play as soon as it’s Loaded” is very handy when Shotgun Mixing, i.e., 30 second song soundbites.

I know that Serato, Traktor, and Mixvibes Cross DJ have this. It’s especially important in Serato which, to this day, still does not have a Preview/Prelisten ability directly from the Library.

They only Play immediately when you load a song into a Deck that is already Playing (unlocked decks). A deck that is unloaded or stopped does not play immediately.

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Ah! Cheers!
(I’ve never used Serato, and am still primarily running a Numark CDMix3 (or venue decks) when I DJ - I mostly use Mixxx for recreating sets after the event for upload, and have only used it for live gigs a couple of times.)