Headache Sound Omni not working

Yesterday, I was excited to receive my Omni. My disappointment in the equipment came rather quickly in the portable turntable. I took the seven screws off and installed the flat head 18650 batteries, as required. Turned the device on and off, no power. I connected the device to my MacBook cable, cut it on and off again. No power. I have used a usb-c cord to attempt to power on the equipment. No power. I have reached out to Headache Sound but to no avail. Accompany this with the fact that there is not an app for IOS using the 7in Serato Vinyl, I believe this is a huge waste of money.

I’m not sure why you’re posting this here? Your issue is not related to software at all. This is not Headache Sounds support and we have no relationship with them nor any involvement with the Omni turntable. They have advertised their product as compatible with Mixxx without communicating with us at all. I reached out to them asking to provide an Omni so I could ensure it works well with Mixxx but they never responded.

I posted this as I thought it was a platform for those who had an issu with the Omni

No, this is the forum for Mixxx. If you have an issue getting the Omni working with Mixxx we can try to help but if the hardware isn’t working at all there’s nothing we can do about that.