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Is there a way of mapping the soundcard channels from premix for headphones? I am using amwerican Audio 10MXR. I was on this forum a few years ago. I am still pursuing this software. At the moment I can’t listen to the headphones channels unless the faders are up.
Thanks Steve

My settings are as attached image settings.png.
If both faders are down the headphones on off buttons work perfectly and I can hear the left channel or the right channel or both. No sound in monitors.
If the right fader is up (see attached picture right fader up.png) and I press the left headphone button sounds comes out the monitors as well as the headphone even thought the fader is down. (this does not work perfectly)
If the left fader is up (see attached picture left fader up.png) and I press the right headphone button sound does not come out the monitors and I can hear it in the headphones. (this works perfectly)

I don’t understand why one scenario works and the other doesn’t.

Any ideas?

Thanks Steve
left fader up.png
right fader up.png

To further clarify when the problem happens I hear the left and right channel and the sound level of the left channel is proportional to the right fader position. i.e. the bleed through of the left gets louder as the right fader is turned up. The left is quiter than the right when this happens.
Thanks Steve


From reading on the website, I believe that you are using this controller incorrectly.

It seems that the controller has an internal soundcard, and that the mixing is done on the hardware.

You are trying to send a mixed master and a software headphone out to the hardware mixer, but the hardware mixer only knows about channel 1 and channel 2. There is even a knob on the right side where you have to indicate which channel do you want to listen on the headphones.

So your setup on Mixxx preferences should be like this:

Master: Empty
Headphones: Empty

Deck 1: Channels 1-2
Deck 2: Channels 3-4

Of course, this means that you have to set the levels on Mixxx mixer to max, ignore the headphones cue buttons, and just use the mixer.

Note: I am not sure if it was this mapping or a similar one from American Audio, but on current version of Mixxx, if moving your controller faders changes the Mixxx faders, you will need to modify the mapping so that it does not do that. Else, you will not be able to listen from headphones when the slider is down.

Hi JosepMa,

Thanks for your reply.

I did what you said and it fixes the headphone problem. I also unmapped the cue/mst knob in case that caused a problem.

I now have a new problem, with both hardware faders at minimum the music is coming out of the left channel, it is fully up. Moving the left fader up and down has no effect. Moving the right fader up and down works correctly.

Thanks Steve

Ouch… I didn’t expect that.

On further looking at the screenshot I see that over “load A” and “load B” there is an inscription “PFL A” and “PFL B”. That would mean it could use software mixing, but it confuses me.

Do I understand that with my suggestions, the Deck 1 is always heard on the speakers (ignoring the hardware faders), and the deck 2 is heard if you lift up the channel 2 fader?

What happens on Mixxx mixer when you move either of the hardware sliders?

Yes the right hardware fader works perfetly the left doesn’t. Both software faders are set to max. If I lower the left software slider I then can’t hear it in the phones. The left hardware fader doesn’t work.
Thanks steve

Nothing happens to the software faders when I move the hardware faders as I unmapped them.

Cheers Steve

Then, I don’t know what happens.

From your description it seems that the hardware fader 2 is receiving the deck 2, but the fader 1 is expecting to receive a mix. It’s illogical at this point.

I asked about the software mixer, to be sure that the software mixer wasn’t messing with the hardware mixer.
I don’t know if there’s something broken or if there is a driver setting that is incorrectly setup, sorry.

Thank you for your help Joseph.

I finally fixed it after all these years. I had physical inputs from my pc soundcard outputs on the physical inputs of the mixer that interfered with the sound even though the inputs were switched to midi on both channels. As soon as I removed the physical inputs to the mixer the headphone prefade listen works perfectly. The left right sliders volume controls also work perfectly. Hope this helps others if they have strange behaviour with their midi mixer. Thanks to everyone who offered their support on this.