Hercules DJ Console Mk2 HID Mapping

most of the controls work as you’d expect.

  • twice the resolution for all faders+pots compared to a midi version
  • full led feedback
  • fx mode just enables flanger with 3 different settings - must be something more interesting i could put in there
  • forgot to map the headphone cue button - will do that soon
  • the fx/cue/loop toggle button switches between those 3 and a ‘kill mode’. in this mode all 3 leds light up to indicate which kills haven’t been enabled
  • pitchbend left/right for deck1 scroll through tracks and load to each deck for the deck2 buttons
  • the beatlock buttons reset the pitch fader
  • track left/right beatjump 8 beats in each direction
  • would be nice to have a scratch on/off toggle if i can sacrifice one of the other buttons and leds
  • i didn’t use the joystick and load a/b buttons as they function as a normal mouse too
  • only tested on linux with no hercules midi driver loaded

if anyone has any good ideas i’ll incorporate them into the mapping - one thought it to use track next/prev for deck1 for track browing and the ones for deck2 for load to deck 1/2, which might make sense even if i map the beatjumps to pitchbend +/1. not sure how those buttons are useful for pitchbend when you have the jogs for that - but maybe making it as normal as possible is the best idea?

you need to be running a build of 1.11 to use this mapping
Hercules-DJ-Console-Mk2-hid-20110513.zip (4.65 KB)

minor update:

  • left hand track next/previous buttons browse tracks
  • right hand track next/previous buttons load tracks into decks 1/2
  • pitchbend buttons now pitchbend when the track is playing and beatjump when stopped
  • headphone cue switch now works to select pfl for deck1, deck2 or both
    Hercules-DJ-Console-Mk2-hid-20110516.zip (5.03 KB)

working on variants now for the Console MK1, Console RMX and Control MP3. i don’t have these to test with so hopefully there’s people out there who have them that could help with testing. afaik all of these four should be usable as hid devices.


i’ve got a hercules dj console mk1 which i’m currently trying to get working with mixxx,
it seems that the mapping is pretty much the same as the mk2, just thatr some controls have been moved arround and the leds are a little bit differnt,

i can probably get it to mostly work by adapting your mk2 mapping.

i’ll post the mapping in this thread when i have some progress.

but if you have a mapping that needs testing you can send it to me and i can give it a go.


Big thanks to your work! I have a mk1 too and it’s working nearly perfect.
Only sometimes the leds are not set properly, may be there’s a bug in the send-function.
Last line of the send-function is: this.cache_out[ctrl.packetid] = this.cache_out[ctrl.packetid];

For the mk1, i added the headphone-leds (see other thread). Not sure if they are on the mk2…


I took your Mk2 files and made a MP3 file here :


Would be interested to see what you have done - I have a MP3 to test with.

B. Rgds